Go with Braces, Because You Will Probably End Up in Them. - Mississippi

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My 15 year old daughter got invisalign in December...

My 15 year old daughter got invisalign in December 2008, when she was 13. She had 17 sets of trays. She wore each set of trays for 6 weeks. It is over 2 years later, she is now finished with the trays and she still has 2 gaps in her bottom teeth. It is the same size and in the same place on each side of her mouth, like invisalign intentially left it there. She has small teeth that were straight to start with but had space between all of them. Her orthodontist no longer uses invisalign because none of his patients have ended up with perfect teeth at the end of their trays. She now has to get braces on her bottom teeth for 3 months to close the gaps.

Invisalign cost $2,000.00 more than braces. Invisalign treatment was 8 months longer than braces. We should have gone with braces to start with and she would have been finished in a year and a half, instead of two and a half years.

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