Getting 400/350 Cc over the Muscle to Even out Assymetry - Mississauga, ON

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Well since I am on this site all the time reading...

Well since I am on this site all the time reading reviews, I thought I should do one myself. I am 42 years old with 2 kids that are 5 and 7. My boobs have been different sizes my whole life. But after breastfeeding both kids and then losing a bunch of weight.. One is just so much bigger. The nipple hangs lower too. They are both still perky but I always have to wear a padded bra to hide the assymetry. I can't wear tube tops or halters and I love them. It's depressing. I work out five days a week and have been slowly sculpting my body. I am lifting weight and trying to lose fat without becoming flabby. Slowly... My body is getting to where I want it. But... The breasts are just getting worse. I never thought I would spend that much on myself but you know what..? I deserve it! I gave this body to my children. I work hard all the time and I deserve to feel good about myself. My husband is worried about the complications but not going to lie... He loves big boobs. He wants me to go bigger then I want to be for sure. I am not skinny. Have kind of a thicker build and I wear a 36c right now. The cup is loose on one side. I am posting this after my consults and my decision was made but I will follow below with more detail.

First Consult

My first consult was in my town. He looked at my breasts and said I should get 500cc under the muscle. I might need a lift on one side but ahh... We can always do that later. I wasn't impressed. He seemed to use one method for everyone and i just didn't trusr him.

I booked the next consult about 40 minutes out of town this surgeon had a lot of great info on his site had good reviews and sole similar cases on his website. I was sure he would be the one.

He looked at my breasts and said he bad assymetry. He recommended going under the muscle and said I would definitely need a lift on one breast to bring the nipple up. I did not like this idea and basically cried all the way home. I didn't want a long vertical scar and I didn't understand why! I had looked at hundreds of photos of women with sagging breast.. Much worse then my right. Why do I need to lift it when all these other women get great results?

I was pretty upset and obsessed at this point. I decided I needed to go further out of my area code.

I booked with Dr. Edelstein and had to wait five months for the consult! That wouldn't do but... He had some great reviews. Then I booked with Dr. Lista and had to wait a month.

Meeting Dr. Lista was different. He actually cracked some jokes and had personality. I liked that. He had me stand there naked from the waist up. He twisted and plucked my nipples... Bounced my boobs lol. It was a little weird. He then said I would get much more natural results going over the muscle. He said because I have tissue on my own.. Going under the muscle would look fake as you'd have like a rock under a duvet effect. He then said using two different implants should raise the lower nipple. If it didn't.. He could do a benelli lift but he said I would be happier with no scars so let's not. Sold! I just wanted to hear an approach that was meant for me. The last two doctors seemed to have a favourite technique and just wanted to do that. Whereas Dr. Lista does under the muscle and arm our incisions all the time. He offered me a completely different approach. So far so good surgery is booked for November 3!


I am so excited that I am getting overs. I workout five days a week and lift heavy so I was worried about unders. Also I didn't want all that pain and recovery. But everyone always says unders are natural. I have now looked through hundreds of photos of overs and I can wholeheartedly say I disagree. I definitely find overs done on the right candidate to be beautiful and natural. They just fall in a more realistic way.

After trying sizers I chose 350c for my right and 400cc for the left. Dr. Lista will do lipo to make up the difference on the larger one. I would probably go smaller if I could but 350cc is my minimum!

Surgery day

The day of my surgery.. I took a before pic and cried. I honestly did not know how bad my assymetry was. How can the doctor fix this without a lift? I was so afraid and didn't see it happening. When I met with my ps he assured me that I would be very happy and the nipples would be even. He said there would be no scar this way and if I just get the nipple lift I will immediately have a noticeable scar. So I trusted him and went into the surgery. The plan was 350/400cc over the muscle. No lift. When I woke up... I was so happy Becuase they felt so even.

Post op day 1

They are feeling Perry big but I have this euphoric feeling. All these long years of hating my chest and I may actually finally like it again! I have no pain because I'm wearing a pain Pump. Not looking forward to giving that up tomorrow.

One day post op

Well the breasts are not even yet but they are closee then they have been on years. I have my doubts but my hubby really believes the nipples will lone up. The left is still much higher and in my collar bone. He thinks once that drops.. I will be even. The nurse said they are like torpedoes now.. Which they are... But in a couple of weeks they will fill out and round out. They are not feeling that big to me but definitely big enough. I was never doing this for size but when I hold up my c cup bra... It looks ridiculously small lol
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