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I had a consultation with Dr Davis a week ago...

I had a consultation with Dr Davis a week ago because I was considering a revision. He spent over an hour explaining the risks and showing me images. He said alot of my nose had been resected and although a year had passed since surgery he advised me to wait at least 6 months before doing anything. He said he would love to give me the nose I desire and as confident as he was that he could fix the small changes, he said it was high risk. He was very honest with me and said I should give it more thought because He felt I looked pretty as I am. Although I felt my nose before was much more attractive and I was much happier with, I can live with the nose I currently have. He told me to give it time because the nose still had healing to do and things may actually change for the worse because of the lack of support, therefore I have decided to wait. If things get worse then at least the benefits will outweigh the risks. I did not go through with surgery but I wanted to leave a review to say that Dr Davis was very candid and spent a good amount of time with me during my consultation. If I do consider revision in the future, I will definitely return to him because he seemed very knowledgable and I truly appreciated his honesty.
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