Bbl with Evolution MD Dr. Jose Zayas - Miramar Beach, FL

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Hello ladies I will be posting all my journey from...

Hello ladies I will be posting all my journey from beginning to end.
I am 24 years old with 3 kids & married
My last pregnancy was 2 years ago.
I'm about 5'3 138lbs
To describe my body I am medium build but I'm like a muffin top. I gain more weight in my upper body than my bottom. So I have a wide back. Big stomach and small thighs.
I am looking to achieve a small waist, flat stomach and a big butt and some fat added to my sides cause I have no hips lol ugh.
Any ways i will post before pics now.
Btw I've been stalking this site for 2 years and trying to save up money and finally did.
Surgery is Aug.4th,2016
Less than a month away. I'm so excited & nervous.
Bbl sisters please feel free to give advice and if you've done surgery with dr.zayas from evolution md in Miramar,Florida I would greatly appreciate feed back.
Btw I have a Instagram it's called @mybbljourney feel free to add me.

Debating wether local anesthesia or general ?

So I've read and talked to a couple of girls and they all tell me diff things about how local anesthesia felt during the procedure. The difference in price is 1000 I don't know if to save the money or pay I don't want to be in pain.

Laterals or hips ?

I don't understand too much the difference but which one would you recommend ?

Having Surgery with Dr. Zayas

So I went to evolution md very clean facility everyone is very sweet
and polite. Dr.Velilla is obviously the preferred one. He is also the
owner of evolution md but was booked till November and I needed surgery
latest in August so I went with zayas. There's not much reviews on him
here. Mostly velilla but the few girls I've seen look pretty good. I
have my pre-op appt on July 19th

A little about me I'm 24 with 3 kids

I'm around 138 lbs & I'm 5'3
Dr. Jose Zayas

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