Tummy Tuck W/ Lipo of Upper Abdomen & Flanks

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Hello, My name is Tracy. I had a tummy tuck with...

Hello, My name is Tracy. I had a tummy tuck with lipo of upper abd and flanks on Jan 4, 2010. I had asked for my incision to be lowered which he said he could do. By the wayt this was my second tummy tuck and my first one was great!Just had two children afterwards. Well any way my incision seems like it is pulled up, kind of like making my pubic area come up higher. Does this relax after awhile or is why did my pubic line get so pulled up. Also then my belly button. I guess my surgeon had to take extra skin out below it when putting me together so it left me with an incision coming out of the bottom of my belly button. Well my belly button is slow to heal. The bottom of it/ inner part has this meaty tissue since post op. There is no incision line just like pink/red meat. My plastic surgeon failed to tell me he was leaving town the day after my surgery and I hve not seen him post op but have seen a partner of his. I was upset and still am about this. My concern is that my belly button is too deep and it's not infected but will scar badly n leave marks. Help me please!!!!

It's so early into my results. Right now I love how flat my abd is but upset with my belly button not healing properly and looking funny and deep.Time will tell.

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As of right now no, but maybe over time things will change. Upset with bellybutton and how high scar is!

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