Trying out Latisse - Minneapolis, MN

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I get complements on my lashes already. There's...

I get complements on my lashes already. There's already pretty long and curly but I want more of a boost so I can look better without makeup.

My Plan is:
I will not be putting it on my lower lash line or my eyebrows. I will not be risking that, wasting product and I will be following the rules. Second i will be using new disposable brushes that are thinner and easier to apply to my lash line. I am a contact wearer, a makeup wearer, and an allergy sufferer so I'll try not to rub my eyes.

I have some worries and side effects I'll address.
The Darkening:
I'm aware of how common this is and as my attempt to reduce it I will be using thinner brushes because the ones they came with are like the size of nail polish brushes. It just seems too big to apply to such a thin line. So well see how this goes. I'm hoping it looks like eyeliner.
The Darkening iris:
Well since my eyes are already very dark if anything does happen I won't notice.
Lid Redness irritation lid:
My dermo told me that this is common and if it happens use it every over day or maybe take a week break. She also mentioned putting vasoline on the area can help sooth the irritation.
Pre orbital fat loss:
This is a new one I only learned about on real self. I really haven't seen any before and after picture with that result only a few after pictures which is very hard to tell without a before. It's funny because last year I had a lower bleph to remove the pre orbital fat pads below my eyes so maybe on top it won't look so drastic. But seriously ill look out for it.
Eyelashes falling out:
Well I've heard about this happening especially if you stop using it but I'm really hoping that doesn't happen.
Dry eyes:
Maybe I'll try dry eye drops.

Wish me luck and I will be posting pictures soon.
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