A Fresh Start with my Body. Minneapolis, MN

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I am ready to finally address problem areas with...

I am ready to finally address problem areas with my body. I was an overweight child and although I lost all of the weight in my early teens I have always lived with physical and mental scares from my past. Aside from pregnancy I have kept the weight off, but have never been able to get rid of the extra pockets of fat or loose skin on my arms or legs. Even as a distance runner these problem areas remain and I have never been comfortable wearing shorts or sleeveless tops. Now that I am done having children I am ready to make a change and finally feel comfortable with my body. I am thankful for the information on this site and to return the favor will be documenting my journey.

Ready for surgery

I completed my first surgery yesterday and can't believe I waited so long to take this leap. I had outer thighs, flanks, back done. The surgery went very smoothly and my Dr. and his wife Lori did an excellent job ensuring I was comfortable. It wasn't all roses, the injection of the tumescent fluid was an odd sensation with occasional pinches of pain, but I felt nothing during the laser portion of the surgery and Dr. Hogue spent a lot of time during the phase to ensure the areas were sculpted just right. The suctioning phase was the most uncomfortable, because as the fat was removed so was the numbing tumescent solution and I started to feel the soreness. Fortunately that phase didn't last long.

I am one day past surgery and very stiff and sore, but that was to be expected. I did manage to take shower today, which was a slow process, but I am seeing some results and am looking forward to seeing more progress over the next few days.
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