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Hey ladies i have been a lurker for a few years...

hey ladies i have been a lurker for a few years now.
i'm thin but over the past few years, I’ve gained some weight.
i'm 5'6 138pds i have a decent shape but my midsection has gotten bigger after 2kidsand my butt is on the smaller side=(

i have been researching butt surgery since 2003, but back then it was way too expensive, i never wanted implants because they look fake. i even thought about getting back-alley butt shots in 2007, but lucky i said no at the last min! and thanks goodness i did, now i'm seeing so many women who have been scared by doing such things.

well a little bout me, i have sickle cell disease i have had surgeries before
but i don't want to go under general anesthesia, because of my health.
i had given up on the surgery, but i finally found a great doc.
i went to see him this past tue feb 26th, i told him about my condition he is also
a regular surgeon at the main hospital here, he has worked on sickle cell patients before. he said it wouldn't be a problem for him to do my brazillain butt lift.
he is gonna take the fat from my upper and lower bas and my flanks.
i was approved for $4000 through credit care, he said he would do everything for 7100k! i am so excited. he is going to be more precautions with me.
i work out 3x a week, i eat healthy, don't smoke or drink.

he said i'm a little more high risk but he will do it with just local anesthesia
he will have me on iv fluids, and I will be given antibiotics afterwards,
just like if i were going under, This is what they did when I had other surgeries as well.
I am happy that i will be awake, i plan on saving up the other 3k soon
i should have the money by the end of this month, i want to do the surgery around mid april.

Please bbl ladies, give me any advice and or tips,
i am so excited i just want my pre-mom shape back.
iv'e been through a lot and sometimes you just have to treat yourself.

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