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Hey ladies i have been a lurker for a few years...

hey ladies i have been a lurker for a few years now.
i'm thin but over the past few years, I’ve gained some weight.
i'm 5'6 138pds i have a decent shape but my midsection has gotten bigger after 2kidsand my butt is on the smaller side=(

i have been researching butt surgery since 2003, but back then it was way too expensive, i never wanted implants because they look fake. i even thought about getting back-alley butt shots in 2007, but lucky i said no at the last min! and thanks goodness i did, now i'm seeing so many women who have been scared by doing such things.

well a little bout me, i have sickle cell disease i have had surgeries before
but i don't want to go under general anesthesia, because of my health.
i had given up on the surgery, but i finally found a great doc.
i went to see him this past tue feb 26th, i told him about my condition he is also
a regular surgeon at the main hospital here, he has worked on sickle cell patients before. he said it wouldn't be a problem for him to do my brazillain butt lift.
he is gonna take the fat from my upper and lower bas and my flanks.
i was approved for $4000 through credit care, he said he would do everything for 7100k! i am so excited. he is going to be more precautions with me.
i work out 3x a week, i eat healthy, don't smoke or drink.

he said i'm a little more high risk but he will do it with just local anesthesia
he will have me on iv fluids, and I will be given antibiotics afterwards,
just like if i were going under, This is what they did when I had other surgeries as well.
I am happy that i will be awake, i plan on saving up the other 3k soon
i should have the money by the end of this month, i want to do the surgery around mid april.

Please bbl ladies, give me any advice and or tips,
i am so excited i just want my pre-mom shape back.
iv'e been through a lot and sometimes you just have to treat yourself.

i didn't get it done in 2013 BUTTTT i am getting it done in 2016!

hi everyone i never went through with it, because i wasn't doing it for the right reasons. (a man who made me feel like crap) also i don't think Dr. Thao was as knowledgeable about my illness, as he claimed, i think he just wanted money.
i didn't feel right about him, so i didn't want to risk it.
the "man" i had was dumped shortly after and since then many blessing have come my way.
i still want it done but i want it done right and SAFTEY is first. sorry i haven't update in 3 yrs i never thought anyone would even see this lol.
i recently met with Dr. Balbogin in mn, he is GREAT but he doesn't work on scd patients, but he loved me so much that he gave me good advised on how to get it done. he does his office which is not ideal for me because of my illness he didn't want to risk anything, he said i need to be in a surgery center setting. he also went in to deep detail on how everything goes how much blood is lost ect.
so i knew he cared, he was so sad that he couldn't work on me but he loved me so much that he started following me on social media right there & then LOL!
he wanted to still follow my journey, and wished me the absolute best.
he is booked till dec, so if you wanna see him jump on it, he is great, i can't lie i wish he could have work don me, but SAFETY first!

i now live in another state, but i still have family in mn hence why i stopped to see doc b. i have found a great surgeon, and i will be getting it done in oct or nov.
i am switching my insurance around hence why i don't have an exact date.

my doc is board certified and willing to do it. he is working close with my hematologist and fully understands my disease, best of all he has worked on other scd patient and anemic patients before. he had done bbl on hemoglobins as low as a 9 with success!
right now i am busy getting my body prepared for surgery, i am taking alot of vitamins, green smoothly ect, and TONS of vitamin c & b to get my blood cells in tip top shape.
we have also decided that we will be doing pre op blood transfusions,
a week before surgery, and possibly 1 after if needed.
to be honest, i am not NERVOUS at all i have been through so much and saved up my money, i am just ready to get it over with.

i have NEVER let my illness stop me and i rearly get sick any more, due to me taking good care of my health. there was a time i used to be in the hospital every other month for 2yrs straight this was 5yrs ago...i have not been hospitalized in over 3yrs. i take my health VERY seriously, i eat right, walk every day, and refuse to throw myself any type of pitty party, i also rearly have to use pain meds, so the docs feel that i can handle the surgery, i am so ready!
i will keep you all posted as the days get closer.
thank you for your support and understanding.
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