24 Years Old, No Kids, 5'2" and 120lbs, Pre: 32A/B, Allergen Natrelle 500cc Submuscular Breast Augmentation

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About me: I started working out 2 years ago and...

About me: I started working out 2 years ago and about 1 year into my lifestyle change, I noticed that my bras were not fitting and my boobs had significantly shrunken. Before, I was a 32C and now I have no idea what my bra size is. Honestly, I usually wear sports bras or bralettes and have not gotten fitted in awhile. Sometime before my surgery, I will go and get fitted so I can have a good comparison of what my post surgery size will be. Anyway, it was for this reason that I started considering getting breast work done. Fast forward one year, I am now more certain than ever that this is what I want! :)
I had my consultation with Dr. Gervais on November 15th at Minneapolis Plastic Surgery. I was already very excited before my consult, but after seeing and talking with Dr. G, I am ecstatic at the thought of my surgery! During the consult, I was able to try on different sizes and I decided on 421cc. I had my friend with me and she also thought 421cc looked best on me.
My surgery is scheduled for Jan 5th so I will be playing a very impatient waiting game until then. But I hope to keep you guys updated on my process and progress during the pre/post surgery phases! :)

Wish Boobs

These were the wish boobs I went in to my consultation with. Some people see photos of boobs and want those exact pair. I used my "wish boobs" simply for size wishing. One thing to understand is that you cannot change the anatomy or orientation of the boobs you already have. After surgery, you will still have the same look of your current breasts, only larger! Just something to keep in mind for anyone who is looking to get work done... :)

Consultation Pics!

Here are the 421cc implants. I have until my surgery to change my sizing. Thoughts about going larger? Please share :)

Bra less Pre Op Pics

I figured I should post some before pics without a bra. Once I have my surgery they can serve as a better comparison :)

Bra-Less Pre Op Pics

Pics from previous update didn't post :( So here they are!

Updated sizing: 457cc

After a lot of thinking, I decided to go in for a second sizing appointment. Originally I had chosen 421cc, but after reading so many reviews from girls who regret not going bigger, I wanted to make sure I wasn't choosing a size too small. So I have decided to go with 457cc, which you can see in the pictures I attached. I also tried on 497cc and although I didn't mind it, my boyfriend thought it looked like too much (he's very worried about me going too big and looking ridiculous, which he knows I would also regret doing). I think the morning of my surgery, I will let my surgeon know that I am comfortable with both sizes and see what he recommends. 3 weeks away from my operation, and I am getting SO EXCITED! I am starting to look into getting supplies I need for my recovery: pregnancy pillows, food, bras, clothes, etc. I will keep you guys updated with the items I decide to get :)

Purchases For Post Op Recovery

After reading a ton of other reviews, I decided to go ahead and purchase some items that I think will be helpful for my post op recovery! I will still purchase some more items, but since my surgery is in a couple days, I figured I should at least buy the necessities now lol.
So here is what I have so far:
• wedge pillow to stay propped up at night (I also have a neck pillow that I will use in addition)
• antibacterial soap - I have to wash my chest with this soap the night before surgery and the morning of, I was given two brand options from my surgeon and I went with Hibiclens
• ice packs to rest on my chest to help with swelling
• seat cushion for when I have to go back to work - I figured with the added pressure and weight, it will help me to stay more comfortable

That's all for now! If i make any more purchases, I will be sure to update you all! Also I will post a few more pre surgery chest pics, the last time I will have my current boobs! It's bittersweet :)

Surgery day!! With pics :)

Alright soooo I figured I would give you guys a detailed explanation of what happened during my surgery day so far:

I wasn't nervous AT ALL: driving there, as we arrived at the clinic, and even right before the surgery took place. I have been so excited and waiting this whole time so I think that overpowered any nervousness I may have had, which is super common for women to feel that way before surgery. I had my surgery this morning at 8am. We (my boyfriend and I) arrived by 7am, filled out some paperwork and then was taken back to do before photos for the clinic. The nurse taking my photos gave me two inflammatory pills and a muscle relaxer.

After that, were were escorted to a recovery room where we met one final time with Dr. G! We chatted for awhile and then got down to business where he said it looks like I changed my size from 421cc to 457cc. I updated him and told him that I actually changed my mind again and wanted 497cc. He had the biggest grin on his face and I asked what was up and he said, "Hey, go big or go home sister!" Hahahaha. Afterwards, he drew a bit on my chest as you can see in the picture :) He said that based on my narrow shoulders he wanted to take me from mod plus, to high profile (which is what I assumed I would be receiving). He showed me a chart of all the sizes he had for HP: 465, 485, 500, and 520. I chose 500 since it was closest to the size I wanted. I'm hoping I won't regret not going with the 520, but the difference in size would be barely noticeable anyway so I'm not too concerned :)

Afterwards, the anesthesiologist came in to put the tip of the IV in (and talked to my boyfriend about cars for like 10 min hahahaha) and he sent my boyfriend to go wait in the waiting room and I was escorted to the OR. I laid down on the bed that was padded and so comfy and warm, I think the blanket was heated as well. There, they wrapped my calves in some kind of compressor and the anesthesiologist hooked me up to the anesthesia. I wish I could remember his name because he was so nice and funny!! I felt the anesthesia hit me right away and all I remember is him asking me about New Years and then I asked him and after I don't remember a thing.

It seemed like I was only asleep for 1 min, and I woke up later in the recovery room to a sweet nurse who was watching over me. She asked if I wanted her to get my boyfriend and I said yes. After my bf came in, I don't remember much other than saying that I was now part of the big titty committee hahahaha. I felt perfectly fine, just a lot of pressure on my chest when I woke up and as I got up to get dressed by my nurse. My surgeon uses a local anesthesia that numbs the entire boob and lasts for a few days, THANK GOD because I've heard of other ladies being in all sorts of pain, but Dr. G's patients don't have to go through any of that!

After, I was taken to the car in a wheel chair and my boyfriend drove to CVS to drop off my pain meds prescription to pick up later today. We also stopped at Caribou and Bruegger's where I got a coffee with almond milk (was told to not have dairy after the surgery because it can upset the stomach) and a cup of soup and Vitamin water. Ate/drank those as I got home and we have been chilling on the couch watching a movie! Going to be a very relaxing day. I already slid off part of my bra to check out my boobs in the mirror and they are beautiful! Just very rock solid at the moment lol.

My boyfriend filled me in on a few things lol. He informed me that the anesthesiologist told him that I was a light weight based on how quickly I went to sleep lol not the first time I was told I'm a light weight. I was also asleep for about an hour after my surgery. My boyfriend said after he came in the recovery room, I seemed out of it and emotionless, I said hi and asked him if I was beautiful hahaha. He told me my phone was blowing up (he had it the whole time) and I said it was because I'm so popular (which I'm not lol - I just have some very caring friends who knew of my procedure). Finally, he told me he was going to go start the car (it's -4° today in MN) and I asked, "It isn't started yet?!?" (Omg I'm such a diva haha). I'm sure there was more but that's all he shared with me lol.

Overall, the experience was totally smooth and I remember joking around with all of the staff the entire time, including Dr. G. I was so happy to finally have my surgery and I still am. I'm also very happy that my boobs already look very natural in the surgical bra. I was ready to expect them to be super high up and frankenboob-like. I'm excited to see how they drop/fluff and turn out. Of course I will keep you guys updated with my progress. And good luck to all of the ladies who are soon undergoing their surgery! :)

Day 3 Post Op/Pics from Day 2 Post Op

Today is my 3rd day post op! Things still feel pretty weird, but any soreness or pain I had from day 1 has completely gone away! I've been remaining inside at home, lounging and moving around here and there. I know when I pick something up or try to move something and it stains me, I shouldn't be doing that so I'm really trying not to push myself at all. I was cleared to shower yesterday but didn't so I'll be doing that later today. And boy will that feel good!!! Lol. I attached some pictures I took late last night. I attempted to take pictures earlier in the day but having the bra off felt very uncomfortable. It was as if I didn't feel good straightening my back and pushing my shoulders back, and I needed to hold my breasts from underneath. I think I just need time to adjust to the heaviness of my new girls! Haha. But later on I felt better and had my boyfriend snap some pictures. He thinks they are going to look amazing once they settle and I do too! :) I still need to keep the surgical bra and tape on until my 1 week post op appointment. At that time, they will remove the tape and I might be able to switch into a new bra, although this surgical bra doesn't bother me at all. I would like to wear something else though haha. Fingers crossed!

Pics from POD3! :)

Finally left the house today and went to the mall with my boyfriend. It felt so good to get outside, which I haven't done since the day of my surgery on Thursday. I went and bought a jacket from Lululemon that I was dying to get awhile ago but wanted to make sure I got the right size that would fit my new additions :) haha. Walking around felt okay, but I was sure to walk very slowly and take things easy.
I return to work tomorrow and I will be on my own getting ready in the morning as my boyfriend will be out of town for a couple of days. So I have a couple outfits picked out, but it's harder than I thought to cover up the fact that I have bigger boobs. Oh well though, I need to embrace it because eventually my coworkers will find out about my surgery since I went significantly large with my CCs. The main issue is that my boobs are still very swollen and stick out to the sides a lot. Even in thick sweaters, you can see the protrusions from the side. I will have to update you guys with what I end up wearing later this week. Wish me luck! :)
By the way, any markings on my boobs are from the surgical bra! :)

Pics from POD3&5

Went back to work on Monday - 4 days after my surgery. On Monday I forgot an orthopedic seat cushion I bought to help with comfort since I sit at a desk all day & on Tuesday and today (Wednesday) I forgot my medicine (muscle relaxers & pain pills). So far things have been off to a rough start lol. The medicine reallyyyy helps me with my comfort so not having that sucks but I've been able to manage. I take it as soon as I get home and things get better & loosen up and I feel more relaxed. I will definitely not forget it tomorrow!

I have been on my own the last two days and taking care of our dog by myself has been a challenge but everything went well. My boyfriend comes back tonight so everything should go back to normal, thank god!!!

It's been weird not being able to do much. I come home and just sit on the couch and watch some shows that I'm able to catch up on, which is nice. But I'm used to coming home and doing a lot around the house. So I've been antsy to start being productive, but at the same time know how important relaxing is to the recovery process so I will take as much time as my body needs :)

I've attached some pictures from Sunday night (POD3) and Tuesday (POD5)! Slowly starting to see some changes! My right boob is dropping a bit quicker than the left. Also, the areas from my nipples down to the incisions have been completely numb, which is such a weird feeling! But as of last night, I've been having a bit of sensitivity in my nipples so I'm hoping that is the slow beginning to regaining sensitivity all over my boobs! Overall loving my look and excited to see how things develop and time goes on!

My first post op appointment is tomorrow so I'll be sure to give you all an update after the appt. I get to take the white tape off which I'm looking forward to as well lol.

Busting out of sports bra - 32E

I'm cleared to start super light workouts this Thursday (yaaaaaay!), but all of the bras in my closet need to be put on over my head which is still a bit difficult for me. And they also may not even fit me anymore, not sure. So of course I used this as an excuse to go buy more workout clothes from Lululemon (I'm a Lulu lover)! I tried on their Ta Ta Tamer which is supposed to give the most support and also attaches by a clip in the back (bingo!) and I ended up "fitting" in the 32E which still looked like I was spilling out lol. Obviously my boobs still have dropping to do and I don't know how accurate Lulu's bra sizes are in comparison to VS, but the 32E size still shocked me. Can't wait until I get to try on real bras! Won't be for another couple months though.

POD19 Pics - Almost 3 Weeks

Not much to report! Things are feeling good, no more pain, and although I still can't feel the bottom of my boobs, they finally feel like mine and I don't feel uncomfortable with them on my chest like I used to. Still have lots of dropping to do. Not sitting super high but are still quite tight especially on top and have tons of softening to do too. Also my nipples are not quite even but it really doesn't bother me as long as they are at a position where bras/swim suits will be able to easily cover them! Little imperfections like that give them a slightly more natural look anyway ;)

I have been back in the gym since Thursday and I'm cleared to take things slow so I've been doing light leg work (without any use of my arms) and cardio. So far so good! Not feeling any pain or tension which is all a good sign. My surgeon said every week I can start adding new things and working upwards towards my arms for muscle groups until the final week (6 weeks) I can actually work arms/shoulders and I'll be cleared without any gym restrictions at that point. So maybe next week I will work on abs or add some weight to my leg workouts. We will see! Just listening to my body and not pushing myself at all :)

I have my 1 month post-op appt next week and that is when I will find out if I am cleared for a cruise I have planned Feb 10th. Only thing I need to know is if my incisions are healed well enough or else I won't be able to soak in any oceans or pools. Not the end of the world but I did book my surgery letting the clinic know that I wanted to be good to go for my cruise on that date, so I would hope I wouldn't get screwed over. Incisions are looking great though so I expect good results for my next appt :)

Let me know if there are any pictures or angles or clothing pieces you guys would like to see on me! Honestly I have only bought 2 sports bras (one is seen in my latest update before this post) but nothing else. I still wear my surgery bra for day to day activities and sleeping at night. It's quite comfy and the straps work really well where they aren't seen in certain tops because they don't have the racerback shape. Also I am kind of frugal in the sense that I don't want to buy bras right now not knowing if they will fit once my boobs have fully dropped. And I'm not cleared to wear underwire for awhile so I'm not even searching around for those right now.

Overall I am super happy with my boobs! I'm falling more in love with them everyday. I don't have any boob greed. I don't have any depression over no longer having my smaller boobs. I am very happy that I made this choice and hope to continue feeling this way as they settle! :)

11 Week Update w/ Pics

Hey guys! It's been quite awhile since my last update. My breasts have dropped a lot since then. Things are feeling good! I have my 3 month post op check up next week so fingers crossed everything goes well. The only odd thing is that my right boob (left side in pics) feels like the pocket is bigger. I can actually feel the heaviness of the implant and it moves around a lot more. I will be bringing that up to my surgeon because it just doesn't feel "right." Also, I'm going to ask if I can wear underwire bras - I am so sick of the non-underwire ones I have (they look good and are sexy, but I'm so limited on my options). Also, I think I was supposed to get scar cream at my 1 month post op check up but I didn't and my scars definitely need to be treated ASAP. Hopefully I will get all of those things answered next week. :)
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