37 Years Old 4 Kids. 34FF Hoping to Be a C - Minneapolis, MN

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My surgery is a week away, I've been ready for...

My surgery is a week away, I've been ready for this for 20 years. Insurance covering 100%. Ready to be rid of the neck pain and able to exercise more aggressively-- without chafing and sores from rubbing skin. Worried about recovering at home with 4 kids over Christmas break. Any concrete advice? Heard bromelain will reduce swelling and bruising.

8 hours post op

Surgery today. Went really well though I'm still wrapped up and haven't taken a look at my results yet. Most of the pain is at the incision under my breasts. Prescribed Vicodin, also taking bromelain and arnica Montana. Was going for a full C, can't wait to see!

3 days post op

Vicodin makes my skin itch, so I've stopped taking it. Pain very manageable 3 days post. Still very swollen.

4 weeks post op

Finally able to start exercising again, though taking it slow. I had some pain below my breasts that felt like bruised ribs- that is finally abating. Using paper tape for the scars as much as possible. I can't have it on longer than a day or my skin becomes irritated. Really happy with my results!
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