Mini Lift and Left with Sacks Under Eyes

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I recently had a mini face lift and forehead lift....

I recently had a mini face lift and forehead lift. However, pain management afterwards was not adequate, therefore, I vomited a LOT after surgery. I had swelling under my eyes due to the vomiting.

Now, almost 2 months later, I still have swelling under my eyes. It is like sacks under both eyes and it will not go away. What should I do? I am afraid it has been swollen for so long that the skin under my eyes will be stretched. This part of the lift looks worse now than before.

I am pleased with the forehead lift and neck lift but the eye thing is terrible. I will not go out in public without eyeglasses to cover it up. I am seeing the doctor again in a few days and will find out what he will do. I am saying it is was not worth it as of now b/c I could go out in public before without eyeglasses and not I cannot.

I had a mini lift and forehead lift about 6 weeks ago. After surgery, pain was not managed and I vomited a LOT. Now, there are bags under my eyes that will not go away. They are much worse than before surgery. What can I do? Has anyone else had this happen and if so, what did you do? Thanks.
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I would not recommend him at present but to his defense, I haven't given him the opportunity to correct the problem b/c it is just now time for my appointment but what worries me is this appointment is not a follow up from the surgery, it is for restylane for the lips.

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