36, 3 Young Kids, 5'8, 137lbs-deflated Boobs, Pear Shaped, "Twilight Sleep" - Milwaukee, WI

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Thank you all for sharing your stories -you have...

Thank you all for sharing your stories -you have helped me immensely. Hopefully my journey helps someone. I have always been smaller chested with a larger lower body, and I had fully accepted that I would never have a nice, full bust. However, after breastfeeding and pregnancy, I was left with only skin and nipples. I am so excited to finally have something up there!!! Tomorrow is the big day. I will decide with the PS what size cc would be the best proportion for my figure. I want a natural look and I am going with silicone, under muscle, areola incision. I also chose this PS because he does IV sedation in his own surgical suite. Wish me luck!!! :)

Pre op pics

Pics try again :)

Before and after-320 cc uhp submuscular, Areola incision

Everything went smoothly. Arrival time 7:45, lots of sizing talk and then surgery. Dr. said it went as smoothly as possible. Yesterday pain was around 8/10. Today about 4/10.

Feeling well!

The pain has been managed well by meds and I have gotten wonderful sleep on the recliner. When I sit I don't feel any pain or pressure. But standing up, they feel really heavy and uncomfortable. I was allowed to take a shower this morning. Still no BM, but the bloating hasn't caused discomfort yet. My range of motion is getting better by the hour. So far I think they look beautiful!

Weird noises

I am doing better each day and taking less meds. I am still icing my chest and wearing the bandeau per Dr. instructions. Chest is still tight and it does feel like my milk is coming in or when baby skips a feeding. Still swollen as well. I occasionally hear funny gurgling sounds when I move too much but I think I read or heard that was normal.

1 week post op

The last couple days have been surprisingly rough. The first five days were wonderful and I felt great and I was feeling better and better! Yesterday my nipples "woke up" and the sensitivity is painful. It isn't all the time, but if I move just the right way it feels like I am getting cut with blades-best way I can describe it.

I had my first post op visit today. It was time to remove my sutures and tape from my areolar incisions. It was an extremely painful experience for me considering my nipples have been the only problematic thing for me. I am still grateful that nipples are my only complaint- Oh yes, and I still can't pick up my kids :/ .

My boobs are still riding high so I was advised to continue with the bandeau for a couple more weeks. I ordered the brilliant contours bra so that should be coming in soon!

I was concerned about the 320 cc ultra high profile implant but I think it is turning out pretty nice and I know they still have a long way to go!

Pictures don't do them justice

I am about 6 weeks out and I feel great! They are starting to soften and have come down a lot the last two weeks. My scar is hardly noticeable and my nipples haven't been sensitive for the last three weeks. I was given the clear to workout, worked out yesterday and boy, did I get out of shape fast! Sleeping is still tricky on my sides. I really love them and feel so normal I forget they're there! :)
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