28 Year Old - Lipo And Fat Transfer - Milwaukee, WI

I'm getting lipo done on my bra fat, abdomin,...

I'm getting lipo done on my bra fat, abdomin, arms, and flanks the fat I get I'm going to have it transferred into my butt. I wouldn't say I'm a large girl but I'm not small either. I've always had. Large back, love handles and large bra fat rolls. It's a weird body shape because my stomach has always been small, no butt, large fat back and large breasts. I've always felt Not proportionate and finding clothes to fit my awkward body is a task! My surgery is in a week and I'm a bit nervous. Im nervous because my dr said that I won't have enough fat to transfer to create a larger butt. He said id need 500 CC's to put in each cheek and that I may only have 400 CC total. I feel this is not true at all. I know every one is their own worse critic, but I guarantee I have extra fat to be used for this transfer. I guess I'm just nervous the results won't be noticeable and that my dr won't be aggressive enough. I'll post pics soon and post after the surgery.

Lipo and fat transfer tomorrow morning

My procedure is tomorrow and I wanted to post my before pictures. Here they are! I'm getting lipo on my bra fat, flanks, lower arms, and stomach and transferring whatever fat I can into my butt! Not hopin for huge but results but anything better than what I have now!

3 days post op - I feel like my dr didn't get enough fat only 450 CC

My doctor only took 450 cc when j told him I wanted my back to be flat and not fat and that was number one of importance. As you can see in the picture I still have large bra rolls. What do I do if I think he didn't do it correctly!?

How Much CC's Do You Think Could Be Taken from my Body?

I just recently had lipo done and found out my dr took only 450 CC's from my body. I weigh 180 lbs and I'm 5'6, I just recently gained weight I was 145 over a year ago so I know I didn't just gain skin. My dr said that everything on my back is just extra skin no fat and the only fat I have is my love handles. When I know my back has gained weight and I know my stomach as well. I'm very upset that after surgery he only took that much. What do you think is there more fat that could have been taken?
Milwaukee Plastic Surgeon

I'm not sure my dr was aggressive enough. I think he got the easy fat and didn't actually try to help contour my body. Only taking 450 CC I am stunned. When I read about girls on this site that are noticeably smaller than me and their dr took 2000 CC out.

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