Submusc Saline Augm W/ Lift - Many Issues - Bottom Lumpy - Milwaukee

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4 weeks ago- saline implants placed submuscularly...

4 weeks ago- saline implants placed submuscularly w/lift. Initially, a lot of post-op swelling andbruising - a little on the breasts but mainly on my sternum and down both sides of my abdomen. I even had pitting sternal edema and hardened tissue at the lower portions of each breast. Briefly it seemed to improve but then the bilateral swelling again worsened and new bruises were appearing. My doc performed an in office procedure to drain the old & new hematomas on each side. This relieved it somewhat but 5 days later she again performed the same procedure and tried to break up some of the scar tissue. This was the MOST PAINFUL experience --worse than natural childbirth. Now the breast are dropping and softening but the lower half looks lumpy and awful - like two ledges. Advice anyone?

Pain pretty much resolved now. Still ridges. Using...

Pain pretty much resolved now. Still ridges. Using band and taping still. Today is 4 weeks since surgery. Any thoughts?

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Seems very thorough but how am I to know if this could have turned out better. Just me ?

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