The Most Painful Experience of my Life! - Millbrae, CA

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I just had the treatment yesterday. It was...

I just had the treatment yesterday. It was administered by a md/derm and the cost was $2500. I'm not sure of the results yet, but can tell you about the pain... it was simply ENORMOUS and i was medicated with the prescribed pain medication taken 30 min prior. I've had 2 children (natural child birth) and laser hair removal, but neither compare to this horrifically painful treatment. I can not emphasize the pain enough!!! It feels like you are being electrocuted (jolts of electric pain ripple through your head/neck/brain) and occasionally a nerve is hit which is off the charts pain. The jaw, neck and forehead are even more sensitive. Geez, I think I"m a tough girl when it comes to pain and vanity, but no matter the results... I'll never do this again... unless I'm Knocked out cold!!! Really think about this before you get the treatment. Maybe stick to botox, etc. good luck

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