Coronal Brow Lift Unnecessary and Disfigured Me - Midwest, USA

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I went to a plastic surgeon because I had one eye...

I went to a plastic surgeon because I had one eye that was slightly droopy and thought a bleph for that eye would raise it enough to look better. The surgeon said that what I probably needed was a brow lift along with the bleph. He said that he thought the eye would still be droopy if he just performed a bleph. I told him that I didnt want anything too invasive. He said that he would do the bleph first, and then if he felt it truly needed the brow lift, it would involve "just a few staples in the hairline that would not show." He didn't mention anything about hair loss. (I was born with a high hair line, and had been self conscious about it for as long as I can remember.)
When I woke up from surgery, I realized that my entire head, ear to ear, had been cut open and stitched. I was in shock. Over the course of the next 3 weeks, after calling the office and talking to nurses, did I realize that he had performed something called a coronal brow lift. He permanently removed one inch of my hairline. He also removed the muscles in my forehead and between the eyes. This was another thing that he never discussed before the surgery.
The surgeon told me that "He decided during the surgery, that since I already had a high hairline, that I knew the tricks of the trade in covering a high forehead" and that's why HE decided to do a coronal brow lift. He also told me that it was "time for a new hairdo for you anyway."
Once he saw how high my hairline was in his office 1 week post op (pic above),he said that he was sorry that he realized it was a little too high. He said he would help me to look better, even if it meant a hair transplant. Once he realized the legal implications for what he did, he changed his mind and took no responsibility to help me.
That was 3 years ago. My life changed dramatically. I've had one hair transplant a year ago to try to cover the scarring. My head is permanently numb, but still itches constantly. The doctor who did my hair transplant wanted to do a second transplant to try to create a new hairline, but because the scalp was pulled back so aggressively during the brow lift, it may not work. I have to wear a wig/bangs for the rest of my lift or else I look like a freak. I don't go outside if there's any wind. I used to be very active bike riding and running.
Because he cut the muscles between my eyes, that area pulls apart and sinks down, giving my face an odd look. I look surgical and plastic. I've gone from a social, outgoing person to one that stays home. Also, my brows are way too high, esp. in the middle.
Last month, after reading advice on this site, I decided to try Botox to relax the brow. It has helped, though I don't like the frozen look I still have. Plus this is only temporary.
The coronal brow lift is a brutal, life changing procedure. Please be aware that the results are not subtle and consider carefully before choosing this.
I know this photo isn't pretty, but I am posting it to show others exactly what a coronal can do to your hairline. This was right after the surgery. I actually permanently lost more hair due to shock loss, and it never returned. Also, my hair's texture used to be silky, but now it's like straw. The hair transplant surgeon and doctor who administered botox both said this procedure was totally unnecessary and disfigured my face and hairline. i'm too embarrassed and ashamed to show a total face After picture.
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