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Today is day 8 I had lower abdomen with large app...

Today is day 8 I had lower abdomen with large app and love handles and upper back I'm 44 yrs old, 5'9 and 148. I am a dance instructor so I move around a lot. My pain began day 4 and has gradually increased daily. It felt like people inside me rolling up the fat as tight as they could. The drawn in feeling. I was ok with that as it felt like firming. Next day my people turned Into oompa loompas with dull knives grabbing the fat and slowly sawing the fat away and constantly. Sleeping at night was a no go. After two days more of that I had enough called in and they ordered hydro took it and nothing no relief at all. They ordered the neurotin and still nothing. This pain is horrid. Feels like a sunburn on the inside and you can't touch the outer layer of skin. Today I finally was able to pinpoint the feeling for my hubby. I said imagine ulcers in your mouth and then you touch it with your finger. That is what my entire tummy feels like all the time. Lying down is miserable walking is painful and dancing. Yep no way love handles are fine and back is ok. I would not wish this pain on my worst enemy. We are leaving for Jamaica March 13 I hope this pain is gone.

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