At 40 Taken the Plung to Have my Teeth Sorted. - Middlesex, UK

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I have finally made decision to sort my teeth at...

I have finally made decision to sort my teeth at the age of 40plus. I never smile on the pictures and I am very aware of my teeth. I have specially one which is completely twisted and start coming over my bottom lips which was the final straw. I have to do something. I had meeting with my lovely orthodontist who explained my choices. I went for the invisilang as I have bad teeth ( genetically ) and already have few crowns in my moths. Which also been reason I went for this treatment as it doesn't effect the crowns. I had my video and saw the final result . My first tray was there for about 2 weeks and no problem. My second tray I had for about 4 weeks which I am not sure why. Today I had been to my Orthodontist and got my 3 tray in with attachment put onto my teeth . My teeth are very out of line and with the attachment I find it nearly impossible to take it out. Any of you lovely have any idea or trick ? I seems to have problem with my moller grip . I can not pull the tray off from them. I acctually made decision not to have dinner as I can not be asked to have a fight with my tray. So any trick would be gravely appricieted.

Tray 3

So I am still on my 3 tray. I have 7 attachments (one tooth has two ). It was a battle to take it off for the first 3 day. I had some great idea from some members. I have purchased outie sticks and I have to say best purchase so far. These stick helps to get the tray out much easier. I can not wait till next week to go to tray 4.
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