Good for Those Who Don't Do Much at Home

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Microderm treatments are good for me. My...

Microderm treatments are good for me.

My at-home skin care regimen consists of: cleanser, moisturizer, and eye cream, with the rare exfoliating gentle scrub. So, the microderm treatments I get are pretty much making up for the things I don't do at home.

It's basically a more intense exfoliation than I'm ever going to give myself, and the post-treatment lotions and potions do leave my skin feeling nourished and healthy. I don't expect miracles (some sun spots are still visible), but I am always satisfied with the healthier feel of my skin upon completion.

I recommend giving it a try and managing your expectations; nothing will completely undo years of teenaged tanning (sigh...)!

Brenda at Sugar House Day Spa

I always feel that the procedure is the focus; there's little to no product pushing from my aesthetician.

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