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I've signed up for 4 treatments of...

I've signed up for 4 treatments of microdermabrasion + Pixel. The microderm was not painful at all, but the results are a little disappointing. I thought all black and white heads would be removed, along with superficial scars, but that's not what I'm seeing. My skin does look great, like it's been cleaned really well, but that's about it. Maybe the following treatments will show more results. I've also had Pixel spot treatments. I wanted to treat a scar from chickenpox on the side of my face and several acne scars between my brows. Nothing to major, but bothersome for me. Anyway, I didn't really think that was painful either. I think the worst part was the cold air... my skin was freezing! Anyway, my skin is bright red (like I've rubbed it way too much) with a kind of waffle pattern and it does sting a little, nothing unmanageable though. I just got it done, and yes it does look like the scars are improved, but I have a feeling that's because of the swelling. We'll see how it goes and I'll update as I get more treatments. I want those scars gone!!!!!!!

All in all, I wouldn't do this again. The...

All in all, I wouldn't do this again. The Pixel 'waffle' pattern, is STILL on one of my scars (several months later), but just one. It's faded a little, but still something that needs to get covered up with [LOTS OF] makeup. As far as the microderm, I think daily exfoliation would do the same job.


I've been here for several treatments, and I really think it depends on who is doing the procedure. Today... I was happy. Last time I went in for something different... not so much.

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