Microdermabrasion Definitely Worth It

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Honestly if people are unsure about getting a...

Honestly if people are unsure about getting a microdermabrasion, don't always go by reviews. Before I had my procedure I was scared because of what a lot of people were saying, and to be honest, it was not painful whatsoever. My skin is glowing and looks amazing.

If people have severe or bad acne I can see why it would hurt if your acne is inflamed, obviously. Its going over the pimples and it will hurt, but don't listen to the reviews for those who are certain or not sure if they want to do it. Speak to a PROFESSIONAL first, and their patients/clients. Because who knows where half of America goes to get a procedure done like this. So make your own decisions.

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My doctor was patient, knowledgeable and definitely was not looking to "make a sale" on selling me a pricey way of helping my skin. She would have just done a regular procedure of some kind and I chose the microdermabrasion because I've seen her clients and spoken to clients and they raved about it!

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