Tummy Tuck with Flank Lipo April 19, 2012

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I have 3 more days untl my Muffin Top is gone........

I have 3 more days untl my Muffin Top is gone........Oh I cant WAIT!!!! I started comptemplating to the point where I had exhasted all my reasons WHY I SHOULD GET MY TT, because everyone was saying to just work out. It's crazy because I went to a handful of PS and I was at the point where I wasn't satisfied at ALL!! Slowly but surely I was still researching but I kinda gave up for a minute :( I must admitt one particular PS spark my eye but I wasnt ready to pay the price yet :(...I know I wanted to still shop around. Her work is so out cold I gave in so here I am NOW paid and full and ready....and when I say I'm Ready I'M READY BABY!!!!!!!! lol I'm so tired of people asking me if "I'm Pregnant"...Hecky naw..........Don't You see my crew 3kids!!!!

TT UPDATE.....Surgery time @ 1pm on 4/19/12......

TT UPDATE.....Surgery time @ 1pm on 4/19/12....I'm so READY!!!!!!!

TT Tomorrow!!!! Can't Wait!!!!

TT Tomorrow!!!! Can't Wait!!!!
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