Tummy Tuck & Breast Augmentation After Weight Loss Surgery

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In 2006, a year after gastric bypass surgery (120...

In 2006, a year after gastric bypass surgery (120 lbs lost), I had a tummy tuck and breast augmentation. Before the tummy tuck, my stomach had C-section scars, flabby loose skin & lax muscles. My breasts seemed deflated and flattened.

The surgeon was able to add me to a clinical study on silicone-filled implants that cut the cost in half. He did a great job on my breasts as far as symmetry & natural appearance. I am now a large C/small D cup & I look well endowed but proportionate to my frame.

My tummy tuck results were very good too. The extra skin was removed & underlying muscles pulled in together. My navel was remade & set higher. I am pleased with the results with a nice flat tummy & defined waistline. The only downside was the high level of pain with recovery from the tummy tuck.

Don't kid yourself - it hurts, a lot. The drain tubes are awful & stay in for a few weeks. My recovery was complicated by my gastric bypass. I had anemia & slow healing due to impaired absorption of nutrients. I got sick & fatigued from blood loss. I recovered after a blood transfusion & vitamin regimen.

One other downside was the appearance of scars. I still have noticeable scars on the underside of my breasts & all across my bikini line. I have a tan skin tone naturally & scarring shows up dark. I also have reduced sensation in my pubic triangle area from the tummy tuck severing nerve endings, I think.

In summary, I overhauled my torso area & achieved a knockout figure. My goal was to become "hotter" than the woman he left me for, and I accomplished my goal. I no longer care what "he" thinks, since I have a handsome young man with whom I have built a fine 4 year relationship. And yes, I would do the surgery again if I had it to do over again.

Dr. M was able to provide good procedures & a great outcome at a good price. He & his wife run their practice very professionally. They are friendly & personable. He was able to cut my cost by setting my surgery date to take advantage of clinical trials. I even got $100 checks for my follow up appts from the silicone implant manufacturer.

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