Butt Implants: Hardness - Michigan

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Had 864 cc custom implants, a back lift and lipo...

Had 864 cc custom implants, a back lift and lipo done on 12/27/12 it is now 1/1/13 im not even a week out yet.... but my butt is as hard as a rock and its numb as heck.  And it doesn't look as big as I thought it would!

When will my butt feel more natural and look bigger ? .... and for anyone who wants to know , butt implants are painful and its mentally hard to lay in bed 22 hours a day or more! Oh yeah and ur laying on ur stomach with drainage tubes!

june 2017

its been a few years since i had my implants and back lift lol...i have since had a baby who is 2 years old ! so, at the point i am no longer happy with my body and have been looking into getting an upper back lift, tummy tuck, hip and butt injections around my implant if possible. All of my work has been done in the states but i have been looking into Dra Duran work and have read that people are having mixed reviews about her tummy tucks . so i guess im asking ...

1. Is going to the Dominican Republic safe like it is in the states?
2. Will i be able to get injections around my butt implants ?
3. How was anyone experience with Dra Duran ? is she as good as her pictures portray ?
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