Juvederm in my Upper and Lower Lips - LOVE It!

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I had just recently had Juvederm injected into my...

I had just recently had Juvederm injected into my upper and lower lips to create fullness and shape. I had tried Perlane months before and was sort of pleased, but the results didn't last very long.

The pain was very mild with both Perlane and the Juvederm, but with the Juverderm I didn't use a dental block at all and the swelling was much less than when I did use a dental block. I had minimal bruising which lasted about 6 days (with both fillers), but unless I pulled my lip down, you couldn't tell. Out of both dermal fillers, Juvederm was BY FAR the best. Its been 6 months now and they still look like they did the first week!

What I noticed with the first injection (with the Perlane) is that using a menthol chapstick made them go down very much, so do not use a menthol chapstick (its an anti-inflammatory)!! I also take a Hyaluronic Acid vitamin (good for joints/bones anyway),available at any WalMart/Meijers/Health Foods Store, and it helped out a lot the second time with my lips keeping their plump shape.

I would recommend Juvederm over Perlane, but its all up to what you want and what is the right thing to use for you. I did notice that the Juvederm was thicker and where it was injected (wet/dry line for volume) it plumped out more than Perlane did. I would just say that to help keep them lasting longer is to NOT use any menthol chapstick and to take Hyaluronic Acid vitamin. I LOVE my lips and will do the Juvederm again (if needed) any day! Thank you to my doctor and to Juvederm Ultra Plus for giving me the plump pout I wanted!

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