Mastopexy - Michigan, ND

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In 2001 breast augmentation no problems before...

In 2001 breast augmentation no problems before surgery. immediate pain in my left shoulder that later I was told 1 yr after surgery was told I had TOS pain and tightness never went away even after several trips to P/T in 2012 had surgery to remove one of my first ribs to relieve some of the pain. Definitely got better but never fully went away. In August 2016 had saline implants removed due to slow leek in one of my implants replaced old w new silicone implants Immediately upon waking up from surgery I noticed pain was gone thought maybe just pain meds from surgery but still a wk later and no pain. I don't even have words to describe how I feel amazing would be a understatement after 15 yrs of pain to nothing I am so happy about this I just wonder what was it ? Why did it start as soon as implants were put in? And even though new implants are in I no longer have a sore neck and back does any doctor out there have an explanation for all I have been through. Same surgeon for both procedures and he does not have any answers for me just always maintained right from start in 2001 it was not the implants!!
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