Not Worth It - Skin Looks the Same/worse Than Before - Michigan

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Had Active FX in January with a week of miserable...

Had Active FX in January with a week of miserable swelling, weeping, flaking, then another week of itchy redness, then terrible itchy acne breakouts.

Now, almost 2 months later my skin looks EXACTLY the same as before the procedure. The second week after the procedure, I was cautiously hopeful I'd see some improvement. It looked like underneath my new pink skin there were fewer wrinkles under my eyes and my pores looked smaller. It must have just been residual swelling, because now all the wrinkles are back with no change and my pores look exactly the same.

I would never put myself through this again and I take the people on realself who have had bad experiences much more seriously than I did before. Sometimes it is not the technique or the doctor, simply the procedure itself that claims to do so much and in reality provides so little. I didn't even have great expectations. I just wanted to see SOME improvement in the wrinkles and pore size. What I got was NOTHING. I should have used that money to go on vacation instead.

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