Extremely Painful for Very Little Change - Miami, FL

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As I have aged, my teeth has slowly yellowed over...

As I have aged, my teeth has slowly yellowed over time. I never smoked or drank coffee, and my dentist just said that the change in color was due to age. I really, really wanted to whiten my teeth so I started looking for various options. I decided that I wanted to do a laser whitening treatment so that the process would be quick and easy. Little did I know how incredibly painful Zoom whitening is, and how little effect it has for individuals such as myself (yellowing due to age, not smoking, coffee, tea, etc.).

I had read the treatment disclosures before deciding to try out Zoom, and it indicated that some individuals experience mild discomfort for a few days. No where was the word "pain" found. I had 3 15 minutes sessions. The first session was fine, just some warmth. It started to get painful in the 2nd session. The dental assistant doing the treatment mentioned to me that possibility of "Zingers" right before the 2nd session started. I wasn't really sure what she was talking about until I experience the first one. They are incredibly painful. By the 3rd session, I was in so much pain that I tried to get anyone's attention in the office to stop the treatment. By the time it was stopped, I was in so much pain that I literally could not speak. I was given pain killers and told that it was possible that the pain would increase for a while. It did.

The next 3 days were horrible! These "zingers" were constant and intense. I couldn't sleep, eat or really function at all. It also didn't matter how much pain killer I took. It has no effect on the pain. To top it off, you could barely tell that my teeth lightened at all. I will never, ever, in a million years, do that again or recommend this treatment to anyone.

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