Tummy Tuck 2016 - Miami, FL

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I recently had a tummy tuck with Lipo and I must...

I recently had a tummy tuck with Lipo and I must say afterward with no meds were the worse.6 days in and I feel so much better but I still hVe pain and can't stand straight yet . My stomach really swollen and I'm still draining .just can't wait to heal and see my final results my stretch marks are gone now and I'm hype about that. I'm going to the doctor tomorrow for a week update and see what's going to happen

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Went to the doctor today he took my drains out .he said everything look good next week or two I'm going back to him for check up and to take the stitches out my belly botton.im satisfied with the results I just can't wait for my stomach to go down and heal.

I'm two weeks post

I'm two weeks post and I feel so much better and I can walk straight. So far the swelling went down so much but it's still there . The little paper that the doctor put in my belly botton fell out. It looks good tho I can't wait to fully heal .i can get massages now .

Another picture

Another pic

Almost a year post tummy tuck

So it's almost been a year since my tummy tuck n I feel good about it I'm happy I got it done only thing I don't like is the scar I'm thinking about to go a doctor n get it lasers off I'm just looking for the right doctor but until then I could always put makeup over it
Dr vallis

Very nice and precessional he knew exactly what he was doing

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