Miami Revision Rhinoplasty, Florida

Revision Rhinoplasty

cworchid, Florida

Doctor Review

18 Nov 2016

1 day ago

Miami Revision Rhinoplasty - Florida

I had my Revision on October 21, with Dr Bustillo it was a open RR he used graft from my ear and a Gortex on my dorsum, shaved some bumps. I had no pain minimum bleeding, bruising and swelling after surgery but after we removed the splint the swelling increased a bit the only pain I had it was in my ear which I used tylenol 2 x so in one more month I will see what my end result may be like so far I'm very happy to what I see no more of the ugly mess up, fake looking nose job I just wanted to look normal again.I had asked him not to change the shape of the nose because I liked my previous nose job untill things went wrong the Dr was too aggressive and removed too much cartilage and the nose retracted, so he fixed only what was ugly and necessary, exactly what I asked for. This was my second revision but the first with Dr B. I knew I was in good hands with him. Dr Bustillo has very good communication skills , ( he listen and answered my questions ) and explained the procedure in a way that was very easy to understand. I got a written Revision Rhinoplasty Manual by him I thought that was very helpful and cool. Dr Bustillo is a very kind man a truly gifted surgeon that loves he's job and helping he's patients, I could tell that he wanted to achieve the best results possible for me and I'm very grateful I found him here on RS so like Dr Bustillo says I want to give back to the community and thanks to all of he's patients that wrote reviews and I'm sorry for the delay in writing my review for the girls that been waiting to see pictures. The staff is great, especially Sara, all the OR staff was excellent,Denise is the nurse that preped me for surgery she's awesome she put the IV on me and I didn't feel a thing. Thank you Dr Bustillo and your staff for taking such good care of me Thank you ...