Two Drastically Different Experiences

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About two years ago an anesthesiologist friend of...

About two years ago an anesthesiologist friend of mine decided to open a MedSpa in Miami Beach, close to my house. Only because he was offering me a good deal did I decide to go in and do something about the amount of hyperpigmentations and fine lines that were slowly invading my face.... plus I was very curious. I think I went in about three or four times. I was satisfied and much of my "age-spots" went away. But now looking back, and now having gone to someone else, I realize my friend was a anesthesiologist and not a skin care professional. My first experience with IPL could have been so much better.

I started a series of six IPL treatments two months ago. I just got out of number three. Though not a doctor, this guy knows how to work this machine and really bring out all the best IPL has to offer. He utilizes three different hand sets (green, yellow, red) in different areas of my face for different purposes at different intensity levels. My doctor friend just zapped me willie-nillie with the same hand set at an intense level and did not go below the beard line nor perform anything post-treatment. The new guy tags the IPL with first spraying my face with something that looks like an airbrush that delivers oxygen with some type of liquid. It feels great and cools down the skin as does the cooling mask that comes last.

For a 41 year old man, my skin looks great.... if I do say so myself :) And I'm happy that I decided to go below the beard line. My facial hair has thinned out and in areas disappeared. Think of all the money I'll save on razor blades! My skin is even-toned, pores have shrunk.... lines are still present, though a bit diminished, but I think that is a job for Mr. Botox.

In both cases the pain was a factor. The doctor used numbing cream..... that he didn't leave on long enough. The new guy uses something like an iced rolling pin. I prefer the latter. As there is less pigmentation and less hair, there is less pain. Hope this helps.

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My reasoning for recommending is all outlined in my review.

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