Getting my Stomach SNATCHED Finally After 3 Kids!!!! - Miami, FL

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After doing research for Umpteen years i finally...

After doing research for Umpteen years i finally decided to go with Dr. Alvarez from Miami, FL. I believe he can snatch my stomach so im excited to travel there next month to have this happen! I will keep everyone updated because I haven't seen Many reviews on TT on my body type. When I get a chance i will download my stomach Pics :( lol

Recovery House

I need to find a recovery house!! Anyone know of any good ones??


So everything I needed I ordered and got it!! I ended up renting a room in a nice hotel and hiring a private nurse through Curvyangels now all I'm doing is waiting patiently for my plane departure Tuesday! I'm nervous and excited at the same time! Eeek!

Made it to Miami!

It was a smooth plane ride! Made it to Imagenes right after my flight, they took some blood, then I filled out maddddddd paperwork. Was nervous reading all that stuff, especially with the last number of symptoms always being Death! Shoot I got 3 kids to go home 2! I'm now in my hotel room really going back n forth like do I really need this. I been waiting for this moment for soooooooo long! But now im hella nervous! And it doesn't make it any better that the Hurricane is coming. Lol Well my surgery is at 10 in the morning so I'm gonna lay here and watch tv. Goodluck to all the ladies that have up and coming surgeries! Oh I'll post before and after pix when I'm done 2moro!

Made it on the flat side

That first day was crazyyyy! I just looked at my body thanks to Vanessa from Curvyangels lol and I'm in LOVE!!!! Dr. Alvarez snatched my tummy tuck so niceeeeee! OMG I'm so excited to recover 100% now! I was looking for just a quick fix but he excelled my wants!
Doral Plastic Surgeon

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