mrsa - Miami, FL

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It was a long hard six weeks for me. I could not...

It was a long hard six weeks for me. I could not stand up . Hard to get up and walk around for the 1st 3 weeks and still hard for me sometimes at night . The 1st week I was in a pain and black and blue .. I could see my tt incision opening in the front it's 1in by 2.5ins and it turned black and hard . Than my tummy was getting the water wave . So at week 4 I could not take any more pain and went to the Er and they put me in ICU for 5 days ! They put in another drain with a bag not the little pump . It was full with in and hr . Than for the next 3 days about 40 to 60 ml than not a drop for 48 hrs . Had the drain removed . Oh on day 3 they came in and told me I had MRSA growing inside of me . And I have a little wave come back and he said he like to see if my body will absorb it, If not he will put in a drain again . On the good side of this I have went from a size 14 to a size 5 and my tt scar looks really good except the part where it had a scab. And he said I do not need a revision as it is healing very nice . I am 53yrs young and 5'3 140 and I was 170 about a yr ago . I also had very big babies over 10 lbs. he removed a large amount of skin and I have a flat tummy with out one stretch mark ! Oh a my belly button looks nice as it did before . He did said I had great skin ! I did use coconut oil for 6 mos before . And I do not know it that help ,but it did not hurt it !
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