Tummy Tuck, Lipo Two Area's & Fat transfer to Lips. 10 Day Recovery Stay @ Vanity Miami - FL

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I am 32, 5'2 5 previous pregnancies ages 3 yrs to...

I am 32, 5'2 5 previous pregnancies ages 3 yrs to 13 years with 3 Irish triplets!! ( 11 months apart )
so I much need a Full Tummy Tuck with Muscle repair & Lipo. Glad to find out Johnathan Fiscer is having a special on exactly what I need & I am booked for May 20th surgery with him YAY !!

LIPS :: So I am having a fat transfer to my lips as well. I am so unsure about how many CCs I should get... I want my lips to be super pouty. I read somewhere that not all of the fat survives ... so any help on this is very much appreciated !!

Decision change for the LIPS

Okay so Dr, Johnathan is excellent my decision change from fat transfer to a 5 mm PermaLip implant on the top and fat transfer to the bottom lip would be a 250$ extra BUT he is sweet and leaving my quote as is $7500 bc it is paid already :) Very Pleased and excited!!!!
Jessica Garcia is excellent I can call her whenever and she answers every question I have right then & there AMAZING!!

BEST thing about this VIP package trip is that its ALL INCLUSIVE (minus my airfare)!! meds, garments , transportation, lab work , 10 day stay AND I can have someone come with me at NO EXTRA charge... I think thats awesome !!

forgot to say ...

I am 32 5 foot 2 and 147 pounds

:: Email from the Recovery Home today ::

Hello Jessica,

We offer a special package to our out of state patients, which includes our Recovery Stay 'Home Away' for 10 days & 9 nights, a nurse that cares for you the first night after your surgery, a driver for 10 days, along with 1 compression garment (post-op care), 1 Lipo tablet (post-op care), and 2 Lipo foam boards (post-op care), your medications (pain med + pro biotic + antibiotic + nausea med), 4 lymphatic massages by a nurse (helps speed up recovery and minimize swelling, bruising, discomfort), and includes your full surgery room costs. You are also welcome to bring a guest with you at no additional cost. I attached photos below. Please let me know if you prefer double beds.
The driver will pick you up from the airport at your scheduled arrival time. You just let me know what your arrival time and flight information is and I will let the Recovery Stay coordinator know what time you arrive. Each patient stays in their own room with full kitchen. If you have any other questions, feel free to let me know.

Recovery Stay:
-Filtered Water
-Flat screen tv - Relax with your favorite shows, our new flat-screen TVs offer premium channels.
-Grab and go breakfast - Jumpstart your day with a free grab-and-go breakfast that includes your choice of fresh fruit, a variety of breakfast bars and muffins, hot cereal, coffee, and tea.
-Fully equipped kitchens - Cook what you want when you want in your own kitchen, complete with stove, microwave, refrigerator and more.

Jessica Garcia
(305) 262-6070
ext 218

Bought my TiXXx ahhh ! American Airlines !!

YES Siirr... Arriving at 12:47 PM in MIA
Leaving to come home 5/29/14 @ 4:30 Arriving in Islip @ 9:26pm

wish pics lol...

All I wish for is a healthy recovery & I already know I heal nice but , I do wish for minimal scarring.
I do LOVE Lindsay Lohans sexy Lips
and I prefer a different waist to hip ratio of about 3-4 inches please ! yea right I hope so though.. I'm assuming its possible with Lipo in flanks & belly.
Im very concerned with the scarring .
Also Iwent for a consult with Dr. Wallach in Manhattan (very nice man & staff btw) I did meet another surgeon n the elevator and decided to pop into his office after... I was talking with the nurses in his office and they said all drs have a different Tecnique to stretch the skin down, some make a cut from hip bone to hip bone and others dont... she says some take the edges and bring them in toward the center and others straight down. She said you get better more slimming results when you bring the skin in towards the center. Sooo, I am hoping Dr. Fisher does that ;0)!!!!


this is the scar scream I SWEAR BY ..... it is A M A Z I N G !!!!! my scars are silvery thin and almost invisable ! 4 months post op breast aug under breast! ill post pics someday but i promise this gel is a miracle gel. Dr Michael Fiorillo uses this and gave it to me with my BA.

Advice Please for clothiing... what should I bring ?

Advice Please for clothiing... what should I bring ? Underwear , low rise or high waist ?
beaters & sweat pants, maxi dresses ? Yoga pants ? idk what to do yikes.


V. M (Vanity Miami) Has both a recovery home and a hotel reserved for patients, my surgery date is booked for May 20th my stay is the 19th-29th so the recovery home is booked until July my coordinator said... I will be staying at one of the Doral extended stay america;s in Miami

Bought a cute suitcase set :o)

My daughter will be able to use too in July when she visits her Grandmother & Brother in Florida !

Purchased some things today..

1) Neosporin Lip Health Overnight Renewal Theyrapy for my Lip Augmentation.
2) A One a Day Multivitamin for Women w Iron & 500 mg Calcium plus Zinc & Folic Acid for my healing process
3) Scar healing Items
A) I have Mederma, I have
B) 100% Silicone Gel SCAR AWAY Clinical Strength 10 grams tiny tiny tube.
C) NewGel+E Advance Silicone Gel 1oz (used w BA my scar is INVISIBLE)
D) BIO-OIL / PurCellin Oil 2fl oz

4) I forgot the facial sunscreen for Miami but I remembered the Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration for after sun care LOL Coconut Papaya I LOVE this stuff!!!
5) Q-tips to apply Medicine
6) Mouthwash in case I cant brush bc lips are swollen

.... I need a list of things to get ... any suggestions please helppppp :0)

Getting closer & closer to May 19th

6 days until Take off dayyy... im excited. Tired... still cant get anyon e to come with me LOL although I even offered to pay flights .. im over it now !

ok so im bored

I decided to play with a picture lol

Well I got a call from yisel

stating that I need labs, smh, they told me my priors would be okay...so i'm going this morning...unreal.

Annnnd... Thank god , I got my period two days ago so il should be gone by surgery date. I am taking Iron.

Tummy Tuck Scar Tattoo Cover-ups

Here is a compilation of some cute Idea's I have found for covering up your TT scar :0) enjoy
I recommend waiting until your scar is aqt its flattest and lightest before tattooing you will get better results.

that gel has made my scars silver & flat in less than 4 months Post Op of my BA

Getting so close to my date eeeekkk!!! Silvadine burn creme ? ? ?

I am so excited...going to get some bloodwork done tomorrow morning by my dr just to be sure... my blood work blood pressure and all that is always just perfect. I thank god my period cycle is almost over - I took Iron supplements immediately - dont want it(low iron) to be the cause of a delay. So 10 am Dr Karp (amazing PC here on long island. Been my dr for years and my Moms & Aunts Dr before he was mine) Thankful he always takes me with short notice :x haha !!

I bought a few dresses to lay around in
new socks
OMG how cool ....Dots (jrs clothing store) is going out of business so we dropped in there... I was going to the shopping center for the dollar tree to look for SUCTION CUPS for the drains ... my mother investigating all the empty racks and boxes ( I didn't notice everything had price tags ) I totally am stoked to have found like 8-10 suction cups with hooks which I got FREE !!!!!! awesomeness .... So if anyone is down there without I may have some extra ... CoolBeans ..
Got some more a&d & Neosporin too for the little things...

Dr amazing prescribed me some Silver Cream too its called SSD I thought it was silverdine could swear my mom calls it that but its a prescription of silver sulfadiazine 1% - This stuff is generally for burns ... anyone who ever rode bitch on the back of a bike often has gotten a tail pipe burn MOST of which you can still see... NOT MINE and its because of this silver stuff LOL... so It works on scars as well :0) I thought ...why not.... I was attacked by a dog when I was a 3 year old also , plastic surgery on my face - could you imagine - my face was ripped open BUT my scar is only like 2cm you can only see it bc haha "I stopped caring for it as a pre teen " as mom would say.... But this silver stuff is what was used and it works wonders especially since its covered by insurance !!!
OOOHH just in .... lol... dont use it for some scars IT INCREASES HEALING TIME
and it is silvadine ;0) memory isn't so fried after all ... just perfect ! Thats a brand name .
I read somewhere that scar prevention makes wounds take much LONGER to heal... so im guessing this stuff is better used on minor cuts and also after the majority of the healing happens with surgical incision sights...

board certified ? Just checking


new wish pic


booty envy here on RS

Yes i said it ... I am going through some serious booty envy here !! WTH its like everyone and their momma is getting a nice big butt !! LMAO no pun intended ha, but seriously though what if i get there an just tell dr fisher i changed my mind lol... i wana bbl instead lmao... yea right , i went through the bs with nothing that fits buying all new clothes for these tremendous new breast I have. just bought a bunch of new jeans and shorts etc... already have a hard time finding jeans that fit... where do these ladies find jeans to cover those asses ?! I mean really I am 5'2 and 147 (went down 3lbs tg) most of which is in my ass and thighs thank god but it makes me go from a 3 to a 7 bc i cant get a 5 up and over the ass haha or even up past the upper thigh... so no.. I talked myself outta that one.

Dr. Siddharth Bass, MD Vanity Miami Making me change my dr.

Dr Fisher will not do my surgery he is now saying that because I am on methadone for Pain Managment ( and you must take it everyday or withdraw -but honest i dont think id get the withdrawels bc im on a very lowww dose NOT for drugs for pain ) So they gave me a mini heart attack and said He wont do my surgery before they offered a discount and a new dr sheesh I heard bad things and it was like I have been just waiting for my day to come.
I would cry if my money was wasted. I did cry.

Dr. Siddharth Bass, MD

Diplomate in Plastic and Recontructive Surgery

Siddharth Bass MDDr. Siddharth Bass is one of South Florida’s busiest and most trusted Cosmetic Surgeons. His specialties include Total Sub-muscular Breast Augmentations (both Saline and Silicone Gel), Breast Lifts with Augmentation, Tummy Tucks, Liposculpture (SAFELipo), and Facial Rejuvenation.

Dr. Siddharth Bass earned his undergraduate degree in Biological Sciences & Masters degree in Arts & Sciences for Human Understanding and Medicine from the University of Chicago. He then attended Rush Medical College and graduated as a doctor of medicine in 1990. From there Dr. Bass began his dual residencies at Rush Presbyterian St. Luke’s Medical Center in General Surgery and Anesthesia from 1991-1994. Dr. Bass then trained under the tutelage of world renowned Plastic Surgeon Dr. Thomas J. Krizek at the University of South Florida from 1995 until 1998. Dr. Bass has been honored and nationally recognized for his research contributions and has authored numerous articles and book chapters. Dr. Bass also completed Fellowships in Craniofacial Surgery at Miami Children’s Hospital with Dr. S. Anthony Wolfe & Cleft Palate surgery at University of Miami Jackson Memorial Hospital with Dr. D Ralph Millard.

Dr. Bass has built his reputation as one of South Florida’s most respected Cosmetic Surgeons by the strength of his character. As one of the busiest surgeons in Miami, Dr. Bass has performed several hundred Breast, Tummy Tuck & Body Contouring Surgeries in just the past 5 years. Patients from all over the world travel to South Florida for his outstanding surgical skills.


- Rush Medical College, Chicago, IL
Doctor of Medicine
June 1990

- University of Chicago, Chicago, IL
Master of Science Program
Arts and Sciences for Human Understanding and Medicine (A.S.H.U.M.)
June 1986

- University of Chicago, Chicago, IL
Bachelor of Arts Program
Division of Biological Sciences
June 1984

- Homewood-Flossmoor High School, Flossmoor, IL
June 1980


- Rush Presbyterian St. Luke’s Medical Center, Chicago, IL
General Surgery Residency, 1990-91


- MGH Program, University of Illinois, Chicago, IL
General Surgery Residency, 1991-92

- Illinois Masonic Medical Center, Chicago, IL
Anesthesia Residency, 1992-94

- University of South Florida, Tampa, FL
General Surgery / Plastic Surgery Residency, 1995-98


- University of South Florida, Tampa, FL
Plastic Surgery Research Fellow, 1995

- University of South Florida, Tampa, FL
Surgical Oncology Research Fellow, 1998-99

- S. Anthony Wolfe, M.D., Miami FL
Craniofacial Plastic Surgery Fellow, July – December 1999

- D. Ralph Millard, M.D., Miami FL
Millard Plastic Surgery Fellow, January 2000 – June 2000


- National Honor Society, Homewood-Flossmoor High School
- Dean’s List, University of Chicago
- Coller Society Resident Research Award, 1995
- Gold Medal Presentation; Southeastern Surgical Society, 1999


- State of Florida


- Metropolitan Hospital, Miami, FL
- Weston Outpatient Surgical Center, Weston, FL


- American Medical Association
- American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery
- American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine
- Florida Medical Society
- Dade County Medical Association

I'm Miami

& confirmed for surgery 9am.

But I'm a little tight BC last minute shit im not in my own hotel room!! I'm at the haleligha location & staying at recovery "mansion" lol that's what Oni said... Unfortunately Im not there yet and this guy doesn't speak English lol..


IN kENDALL mIAMI APPARENTLY THIS IS ONE OF THE DRS (NOT LISTED) HOMES./ iT IS A MANSION , oops sorry bout he caps... I flew in to Miami and met a woman who was having her surgery on May 19th also and we are sharing a room a nurse and yet the nurse act like she doesn't know about the 500$ discount and I still haven't been discounted my 1000 for the lies and the changes yet either. Plus they left is all alone out here with no food no car and no one!!
we are all alone in this huge house.

lips past few days

No patients every time I do this update w pics I end up b reloading entire page n losing it all!!!!1-3 pics at a time updatesupdates
So it can take around 4 wks for fat in lip to settle mom said


Looking ugly but I know you all share your pics :(

Good Morning .. I feel like I felt better yesterday

Or at least the same as I felt yesterday. Maybe this has alot to do with my neck being extremely cocked to the side when I sleep in that comfy recliner OR maybe because I was up all night coughing fml !!! I got a cough suppressant bc every time I cough I feel like im causing a hernia ...well here are some more pics in separate update bc laptop battery is low ..may have to post in a bit. when i make it from the kitchen to my room what seems like a mile in this mansion!!

Tummy Tuck W Lipo & Fat Transfer to Lips with Dr. Siddarth Bass Miami Florida Previously Chosen Dr Fisher

pictures 05-22-2014 were taken at Post Operative check up at Miami office with a nurse assistant. THEN brought to Hialeah where Dr Bass office is. He examined me and told me its okay to take dressings off so the areas dry up. and its okay to sleep without binder now or I can take it on and off. no shower instructions yet and I have asked oni like 15 times about showering, is peroxide cleaning ok? Can I use neosporin on my wounds? she forgets very easily.

So I saw the Dr. Yesterday

Neosporin is fine all over and he also instructed me to stuff my belly button w gauze so it doesn't close up and to ensure proper healing.
I had my drains removed yesterday and every other staple removed as well. his assistant was learning and so he showed her what to do removing a few every other himself then instructing her to do the same every other staple. I will go back before my flight ( which I wish was Wednesday instead of Thursday) I hate to be rushing the day of my flight. I don't land until 9:30 pm well anyways.. I still havent had one massage. They came at me right after surgery asking about massages and I said oh hell no lol... Of course I didnt want to be touched, come to find out.... that was not for a massage but a Dr appt, and I had to wait anyways for the drains to be out before wearing a compression garment and having massages. Which my first massage will be at the recovery home today at 3pm... going to catch some rest before then alarms set for 2pm tootles
Oh and finally some swelling down on my lips !!! they have been down this was for two three days now. im hoping this is the final result.

just had my massage feeling great :0)

my tummy is soft like a babys butt ... all happy accept I asked dr bass to lipo my love handles away and give me a waist and he did not I feel like I looked better before I had this procedure. what do you all think? ? and check out my asymmetric sides??? wtf??


I am not liking this at all!
why after 10 days , am I still bleeding ?? a lot too.
the pictures below are from 5/26 before my post op visit with Dr Bass. I showed him these pictures and he cleared me to fly home 5/29
I am still having heavy bleeding through garments and all... when is this going to stop??

new BB pics as of today well last night

his assistant Marie is sending the pictures to him for review but its nothing different from what I showed him ^^ above^^ and he sent me home!


FAT TRANSFER from lipo during tt to my lips by dr bass
He put in 8 ccs 4 in top 4 in bottom bc alot is reabsorbed in that area.
I told him I want to notice a difference and I want others to notice LOL
so he actually did amazing job I have great natural results

why my captions arent staying is beyond me but its pissing me off to no end ... CAPTIONS for above pics BELOW

PIC 2, 3 & 4 ride home day of procedure 5/20
PIC 5 & 6 the night after so night 2 5/21
PIC 7 day 4 5/23
PIC 8 & 9 day 5 5/ 24
PIC 10, 11 , 12 & 13 day 6 most stable since day 6 sorry not day 5 5/25
PIC 14 5/26 day 7
pic 15 TODAY may 31 11 days post op still sexy :0)

Dr bass never called me.

where did my update on my lips go ??? confused I did two new updates last night and its gone fml

stil having belly button issues im scaredddd

very nervous of getting an infection. went to my pain management today showed my doc he says GO SEE YOUR PRIMARY DR !! so i guess i have to do this... although dr bass finally called me and gave me his cell number to contact him direct since his staff cant seem to get him a message!
I'm actually becoming more and more pleased with my results I have silicone scar sheets on the incision working super ! I only will spend money on silicone products for scar therapy bc that's all that works. yes its topical but I rub bio oil in for 10 minutes then use silicone and sleep with sheets !!

why am I so hardd on the bottom half of me??

if you look at the above pics you can see that my incision is (tg) low and in my crease where the belly was hanging... which i dont like bc it kind of still look is like its there. also im hard as a rock down there is this normal? if not what do I do? it kind of looks as though im 3 moths pregnant ... im short and have a short torso i guess... but the bott9om half seems extra hard. i didnt do enough reasearch before i went through with this heeelllpyyy :D

belly button not healed (tired of this) PICS update

still not healed on my belly button now I have a big red bump its bugging me out

oh weight update




Happy Fathers Day and boy daddy is in for a surprise

when he finally comes home to his new woman ! look at these jeans i bagged for $3 YES your read it right on the red bottom rack at RUE 21 and not to mention LOOK at MY CURVES wheew who

pissed about my lips

they seem to have went right back down in size to my before volume. im pissed. what a waste. im so afraid of freaking silicone now i wish i had done it!

new lips by Eric M. Joseph, MD, Orange, NJ

Eric M. Joseph, MD, Orange, NJ

These office's are full of a million and one young ladies is so unfreaking organized !!! ( I would def read my full review and recent updates) DR BASS did my belly button perfect ( my low stars are because of management NOT my surgeon... its VANITY courtesy yes professionalism HECK NO ) I wish I had planned to have more time with him before surgery for consults ! He speaks direct to me from his cell for my after care since I am NY and has been so helpful!!

3 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
2 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
1 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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