Happy 51st Birthday to Me. - Miami, FL

Cannot even imagine not having this big, ugly,...

Cannot even imagine not having this big, ugly, heavy belly. This site has been the best help I've had so far. I look for people with body shape similar to mine and close to my age & see their results. I am not nervous because I'm to excited to be nervous. I live in a 34 foot 5th wheel camper and travel the US so I've been busy booking campgrounds close to Dr's. & to stay long enough to recover. My husband will be my only help & I'm very verbal when in pain so he's nervous & I'm worried about him handling me on his own the first several days. I think we'll be ok. We'll just have to be.

SOS! Help

I just got a call from dr. Ortega's office that said Dr. Ortega WILL NOT be doing my surgery in 26 days on my birthday...I paid deposit months ago + extra $500 to secure that date. We live & travel in and travel in an RV and we are 1/2 way there...camping our way down to Miami. I have reserved 6 campgrounds...3 on the way down last one for a month too recover close to facility & 3 to come back up out of Fl. Nobody ever told me he MAY NOT due my tt & bl. They said another Dr.Is going to do it. I've never heard of this dr...I've no research on this dr. & he's not even listed on their website as one of their doctors. I'm 26 days away and was so excited now I don't know what to do. I'm not going to let somebody I've never heard of operate on me I've done all my research on dr. Ortega and that's why I chose him.
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