36 Yrs Old 2kids READY 4 A LIFESTYLE CHANGE. Miami, FL

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I have decided to go on the journey of a sleeve...

I have decided to go on the journey of a sleeve procedure. I have went to local seminars and found a great doctor. I have to make a change for my kids and my life! I hope I do not sike myself out lol! Just by worrying about the psychological aspect or even pain. I have started my insurance requirements so hopefully by December no later than January I will be a new sleever!
Any type of info, tips, stories pls share with me.

Sleeve update

On 4/25/16 I got the gastric sleeve. It is a total life change!

I was anxious nervous and scared at the same time!...

I was anxious nervous and scared at the same time! Dr Nestor De LA Cruz an his staff are wonderful! 

This has been a pure lifestyle change! You have to get Ur mind right and ready. The road is a little rough but I know it will get better.
The first hour after surgery was hell but after the pain meds I was great. That's when the journey begins!

6 months post sleeve

I feel great. This is a life style change. I am still getting use to the exercising and taking my vitamins. I have learned when i am full or getting to my full point. Im learning to read my body much better. My mind can say I'm hungry but my body tells me I'm full lol! I have kept a lot of people out of my business because they are judgmental. My immediate family is my support team. I learn that to stay away from being sluggish I must drink more water, take my vitamins, and keep the protein coming! I am down 60lbs so far. I am very grateful for my tool. The doctor office staff is great. I love my NUT because he keeps it real! He is in Dr. De Le Cruz office also. Overall you have to fight for what you want!
Hialeah Bariatric Surgeon

Wonderful and very knowledgeable

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