piona strong bleaching cream actually worked

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I went to Disney over the Summer for 10 entire ...

I went to Disney over the Summer for 10 entire days . Unfortunately I did not wear sun screen .... When I returned from the trip my face was 5 shades darker than the rest of my body and looked harsh and weathered . In my frustration I decided to purchase the Piona Strong bleaching cream .So its been 2 weeks and I am posting the results and progress .I plan to stop when I am completely toned 

Below is exactly 12 days


I purchased it on a site called beautyjug com they shipped it in about 2 days .

Yesterday I took a break . and I will sart back at 12 today for the next 7 days I think then I will reach the desired shade . then I will start on my knees and elbows and behind the thigh area ... I will post pics again in 7 days .


Its called "strong " I tested it on my neck before I applied it and I expected it to be strong so i guess if you have sensitive skin " strong " is not for you . Now I have accomplished complete even tone . I have almost perfect skin no pimples etc .. I eat healthy and I take care of my skin. I forgot to mention that I also used it in conjunction with Nivea Q10 around the eyes and mouth although this pions does not dry out the skin . As around the eyes need moisture only around the eyes . Final results skin is very soft , very smooth , no blemishes or uneven tone ...

Product worked very good so far

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