Subtle/feminine Changes to my Nose. Love it!!

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I have always thought my nose was a little too...

I have always thought my nose was a little too wide for my face. I've never hated my nose but I have always been conscious of how much it affects the way I look. I've been thinking about rhinoplasty seriously for 2 years and finally decided to go for it. I'm not looking to completely change my nose but I want a slightly more feminine nose that compliments my face instead of overpowering it. I had a total of 3 consultations (1 in person and two phone consultations) and decided to go with Dr. Ghersi because he was the only surgeon that seemed to listen to what I wanted instead of telling me what I needed. I feel comfortable that if I tell him what I want he will deliver just that. The biggest reason I went with Dr. Ghersi is because of the Realself. The ladies I saw on here that went to him for Rhinoplasty's came out looking really natural without looking "done". At this point my biggest fear is looking "done". I'm African American and its so easy to look done if your surgeon isn't skilled and conservative. My surgery is scheduled for March 2nd at 7:30 am.I will upload more pictures soon and everyone wish me luck :)

Pictures of my nose and dream nose

My nose is a somewhat short and wide. I need a little definition. I don't want a lot of changes but I'd like a cuter nose :)

Looking at overdone noses makes me nervous

I look at Realself quite a bit (pretty much every day at this point) and I see a lot of good work. But what scares me is seeing overdone noses that plastic surgeons post as a "good result".The biggest thing that makes a nose look overdone is an awkward nostril shape especially in African American noses. I plan to research just as many noses that I don't like as noses that I do.

Profile view (Pre op)

I had a lovely lady ask in a private message if I had a hump and it made me realize I did not show a profile view. No hump so I'm okay with my side profile. I'm on the fence about asking for tip refinement because I know that leads to swelling that takes forever to go away. My nose is kind of short so I think a little more projection would be nice but I could go without it. I will see what the doc says when I go for my pre op. My photos after surgery will be full length. I'm cropping them for now in case I hate the result and I can fade into obscurity and pretend this never happened haha :)

Any feel like Arnica or Bromelain helped?

I'm 5 days pre op and I'm considering taking Arnica and Bromelain but I hate taking pills. If it will help with swelling and bruising significantly I can get over it. Did anyone have luck with taking these supplements? I bruise really easy so I'm trying to avoid looking completely crazy.

All done!

My surgery was this morning at 7:30! I have to say it really wasn't that bad.
I normally bruise pretty easy but surprisingly I haven't. I have a very slight black eye but it's not nearly as bad as I was expecting. I hear that swelling and bruising are the worst on the 3rd day so I hope I'm not celebrating too soon. The nurse was extremely nice and made me feel so comfortable. Dr. Ghersi narrowed my nose, refined my tip a bit and narrowed my nostrils. I was so worried about the anesthesia but it was a breeze. The last thing I remember is laying on the table and it felt like 10 mintues past and I woke up in recovery feeling a little groggy but not at all nauseous. The grogginess wore off within an hour and I was starving! I wanted to eat well but I ended up having a burger. I tore it up in little pieces and ate it within 20 seconds lol. I saw a picture before putting the tape on and I like it but I'm kind of worried about the tip being too pushed up. Hopefully that will resolve. I plan to ask tomorrow at my pre-op.

Yes it hurts. Not just discomfort for me.

I wanted to add one more thing. The most common theme when researching getting my nose done is that it doesn't hurt and its only uncomfortable. For me that isn't true. It hurts. Its not extreme pain by any means but its pain. Maybe a 5 or 6 on a scale of 10. My original plan was to only take Tylenol but I'm definitely switching to the oxy for a few days.

Nose too pushed up??

I have asked a few people and I get a different answer from everyone. Some people say their tip looked pushed up while others say their tip was in the right place from the time they left surgery. I trust the PS that did my nose but I'm having a mini panic attack every time I look in the mirror. My nose looks too pushed up. I don't see it as much from the side but from the front its pretty obvious and piggy looking. I liked that you couldn't see my nostrils from the front before surgery. Does my tip seem too pushed up?? Did anyone have a positive change in the shape of their nostrils when the splints were taken out of their nose? Any honest feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Cast off and splints out!!!

I had the cast taken off a day early. I couldn't take one more second of having the eternal splints in. I was really happy to see that the tip looked a little less piggy once the splints were taken out. I really liked the way it looked when he initially took the cast off but I didn't get around to taking a picture until about an hour later. By the time I took the picture it has swelled up at bit. The bridge is thinner but my tip looked like Shrek. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. So far I'm happy. I'm only 5 days post op so I have a while to go. I'm just glad that I don't look too different :)

Day 10 update :-\

Days 5-8-When I initially took my cast off I was ecstatic! I wanted to run through a field of daisies and scream from a mountain top about how much I loved my new nose.....but on day 9 that changed.
Day 9/10. I loved the definition in my bridge when the cast was first taken off. It looked perfect from day 5-8. In the past two days I've noticed a lot more swelling. It makes my nose look shapeless. The swelling in my tip has come down quite a bit. Its hard to see from photos but it was huge when I first took my splints off. He lifted my tip slightly and gave it a little more projection. I didn't think I would like it but I absolutely love the way it looks from the side. I can see the tip elevation but I think it will take time to see the projection. I'm supposed to wear my splint at night but it keeps falling off. Anyone else wear their splint at night?


I was asked to upload incision pictures. I had an open rhinoplasty along with nostril width reduction. There is a incision at my collumella and one at the bottom of each nostril. You can't see them if I'm looking straight on but you can see them if I tilt my head back or maybe if someone was really close to me. They are healing well but they don't bother me because they aren't visible from the front. Dr. Ghersi did a great job of taking in my nostrils without leaving a visible scar.

Before and after. 25 days post op :)

The photo was taken 3 weeks PO. My bridge is still really swollen and sponge-like but you can see a pretty big difference between my pre-op bridge and my post op bridge. It's slimmer but subtle. I love that my nose still looks ethnic but its no longer overpowering my face. No one notices a change in my nose but a bunch of people ask if I've lost weight and I just say nod and say "sure" lol. My nose looks different every day. Some days are good and some are not so good but overall I'm happy.

Updated pics

I have started taking arnica again and it has made a huge difference already. I woke up this morning feeling the most normal I've felt in a while. My nose is still swollen but I don't feel like it looks as huge as it has in the past several weeks. I'm 3 days shy of a month

Took pictures down

I decided to take my pictures down for privacy purposes but if anyone would ever like to see my before/afters and the "process" pics just send me a PM and I will send them right over. I got a odd message that made me decided to take them down. But I loved sharing my experience.

2 month update!!

My nose still looks different almost every day but I couldn't be happier with the results. I asked for a more refined/feminine version of the nose I already had and that's exactly what I got. It doesn't look "done" or "sugerized". SOOO natural. Very happy with my results so far. It makes dealing with those weird swelling days much easier.

7 month update!! Swelling still here :\

I am just shy of 7 months since my rhinoplasty. Overall I am still very pleased with my results and I would not change any decision I made to have this procedure. Over the past month I've have seen some of the worst swelling I've seen since having the procedure. I got the tip from someone to tape my nose at night and OMG it has helps so much..... but only temporarily. I thought I would be done with the swelling by this point but I see the swelling really is just a lingering side effect. One other side effect is the frequency of sinus infections. They aren't too bad but I've had two since my procedure and I can only remember having 2 my whole life before. Its really not a huge deal and if that my biggest side effect I'm okay with it. Most days I can see what I'm pretty sure is my final result and I'm in love. It's natural, not dramatic and suites my face. I read a bunch of reviews before deciding on a doctor and I couldn't have picked a better surgeon that Dr. Ghersi!
Miami Plastic Surgeon

He was nice but more importantly he did a great job. My nose looks natural and suits my face perfectly. His nurse Jessica was so nice and helpful. I really don't think I could have made a better choice. Very happy!

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