Review of my Breast Augmentation, 200cc Ultra high profile Silicone Unders - Miami, FL

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5'3, 100 lbs, 32A/B before. My PS measured my BWD...

5'3, 100 lbs, 32A/B before.

My PS measured my BWD 9 & 9.5 cm, he said he wouldn't put implants wider than 9.5-10cm without risking mono-boob (muscle peeling up in the middle). He said I couldn't get cleavage with implants because of my natural breasts & chest shape but a push-up bra would do that after and that was good enough for me. I wanted about a cup size increase & very natural look. I went with 200 cc silicone smooth round under the muscle (I was advised this would be about a cup size increase & I liked the 200cc sizer). However, I didn't realise that they are ultra high profile implants (base diameter 9cm, projection 4.1 cm, chosen by my PS to best fit my chest), so I was getting worried about getting the final natural look I wanted, because of what I read about UHP implants online. I want to trust my PS too, he knows what I wanted, I showed him photos.
I had the op 3 days ago, went well, no nausea, no tubes, no feeling loss, pain meds were great for the first 2 days, not really needed now but I'm still a bit sore moving around. it hurt to talk loud the first 24 hours. I was also given muscle relaxants & found these better than the painkillers & great to help sleeping on my back, I will continue to take these just at bedtime until I finish them & I have pillows all around me which helps too (I was a tummy sleeper before).

I have been in a surgical bra day & night since the op and I like the support & find it comfortable. The day of surgery (5 hours after the procedure) I went home & cried when I first saw them, wishing I'd never done it (I looked huge & fake, nothing like the natural looking 32 B-C cup boobs I wanted!) I read that post-op ups & downs is normal. I hope it was worth it. I'm kind of getting used to it, reading about how much they can change has helped me a lot.

3 days post-op, they still look like giant cones which is taking some time to get used to & hide. The distance between my new boobs is 2-2.5cm, do any of you find this abnormally wide apart? (My original breasts were about this far apart, maybe more). The implants seem to be otherwise well centered in my breasts & extend well to the sides (no side boob but they stick out a tiny bit which looks normal). Maybe it's just because they look like swollen cones that they look so strange & separated. My left breast is a bit more painful & swollen with a slightly higher nipple, but this has been since surgery so I'm hoping they'll equal out soon too). I'm also hoping they both get smaller when the swelling goes down & they drop and start to look more like boobs & less like cones! I measured 32" across bust before, now I measure 34.5". I'm hoping to be around 33.5" when settled, but I'm most concerned about getting a natural shape than the exact size. I will update what happens, If anyone has had similar experiences with UHP implants that turned out looking natural, please let me know!

Update: 4 weeks post op, ultra high profile implants looking great!

Just thought I'd update as there's not a lot of info about ultra high profile implants out there & how they D & F.
I'm 4 weeks post op (round smooth silicone unders, allergan 45, 200cc) and have taken pictures weekly (really good idea to follow your progress, I wouldn't have noticed the big changes otherwise). I'll upload my progress photos soon.
Most swelling seemed to have gone after the 1st week and the rest after 2 weeks. The week 3 photos, the implants looked very fake & round. The week 4 photos they are settling, have dropped significantly, softened some and starting to look more like real breasts. I disagree with surgeons that say ultra high profiles always look fake, I think it depends on your frame and that your surgeon fits the implant diameter to the size of your breast like mine said. I'm very happy with the progress so far and think after dropping some more they will be natural looking (my breasts had enlarged several years ago by 1.5 cup sizes and these are starting to look similar, just a bit bigger). One side is smaller & higher than the other but I'm not concerned as it's still early & I had a bit of asymmetry before anyway.
After the swelling went down, I measured 1.5 cup size increase, now with the tissues relaxing and implants settling I'm 2 cup sizes bigger :) you really get used to bigger boobs quickly! I wore the surgical bra every night for 2 weeks & a support bra all day. Didn't need pain meds after the first week but took muscle relaxants at night for 2 weeks it helped with falling asleep on my back elevated on pillows. Since 2 weeks I wear comfortable support bras at night (no more surgical bra) and nice wire-free lace bras going out. I've started being able to lay on my sides in bed, it feels a bit strange at first but it's ok (I'm still surrounded with soft pillows which helps). I don't massage or use any implant stabilizers. Three times a day I gently rub pure oils with essential oils on them (done this since 1 week post op) I think it's helping relax the tissues & the stretched skin adapt & grow, my skin looks good anyway! I get the occasional shooting pain in both breasts, but very minor & getting less. Still taking it easy but I feel great already. Been taking multi vitamins with vitamin C, zinc, selenium & copper (all help wound healing & build new tissue) since 2 weeks before the operation & started vitamin E a few days post op. Very happy with my progress so far & excited to see more dropping & fluffing and wearing pretty underwire bras!



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