My Rhinoplasty Experience - Miami, FL

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I'm writing this blog because I hope it supports...

I'm writing this blog because I hope it supports and comforts others as other people's stories have comforted me. I became self-conscious about my nose when I was around 10 years old at 24 I am nervous and excited to finally set my mind to doing something about it. I really feel not liking something about yourself that is dead center of your face can effect your quality of life. I have been doing my research on several rhinoplasty surgeons and I have a consultation with Dr. Jeffrey Epstein which I am excited about. The one thing I am nervous about is I heard he likes to use "Twilight" sedation. I have not spoken to him yet, but I hope he will consider general anesthesia for me because I am terrified that under twilight sedation I may hear or feel something.

If anyone has had surgery with twilight sedation particularly rhinoplasty please share with me your experience. If anyone knows of a great rhinoplasty specialist I am open to suggestions but this doctor shows a lot of promise. I am not sure exactly what day I will have the procedure done but I will keep you updated with my progress through this journey.

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I chose this provider by reading reviews here on I also watched his youtube videos with real patients that were pleased with this doctor. I liked that he only does facial procedures. I wanted a doctor who has a passion for the face. I also liked that he does eyebrows as this is something I may like to have done. I have found this provider has the most years experience in facial plastic surgery and I like his natural conservative results.

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