Mother of 3 desperately seeking TT, BL and BA

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I have been wanting a tummy tuck and breast lift...

I have been wanting a tummy tuck and breast lift for years. Thought I was in the minority... until finding RS. Wow!! The information and inspiration I have acquired from RS - from all of you - has been a dream come true. There are others like me! :)

In the two-three weeks since locating this site, I have narrowed my choice of Doctors to two, had online consultations, prices and confirmed each Dr's availability on my preferred date. I have also started a list of recovery tips, tools and strategies. I am now a woman on a mission!

Dr's in my area do not have much experience (or evidence) with mommy makeovers. I searched theirs and this site for reviews, pics, etc. Nothing! I have elected to venture out of state - to Miami. Based on experience and reviews (primary), I have narrowed my options to Dr. Ortega and Dr. Salama. Last week I was leaning more toward Dr. Salama, solely based upon my experience with Nancy, his patient coordinator. She has a fantastic personality, and I instantly felt as if I was in very capable hands. She treats me as if I am her only prospect/patient. I felt as though she and Dr. Salama would deliver the best experience. On the flip side, Ana, surgical coordinator for Dr. Ortega, started off poorly. She made me feel like I was being telemarketed. No personal care or professionalism. Her responsiveness wasn't great either. She has since turned it around, and is very responsive, answering my questions quickly and professionally. I happen to be a first impressions person. So, the fact that the quote from Dr. Ortega is $2000 less than that from Dr. Salama hasn't made my decision easier. The initial experience still weighs heavily on my mind. I will not lie... I am baffled as to how the exact same services (i confirmed and re-confirmed in writing) warrant a $2000 difference between Dr's in the same area.

I plan to make my decision by Monday and secure my date. I am bummed that I cannot have my procedure until April 2017. I have stared at the calendar tirelessly, looking for a two week window during which both my professional and personal lives are in alignment. No such luck... April it is! Until then I will review others' journeys and over-prepare for my own ;) I'm a planner and perfectionist. So, over-preparation is a way of life.

Thank you all in advance for the encouragement, inspiration, information and driving my upcoming transformation.

Surgery date and RH secured!

I am so excited! This is actually happening - God willing!
I will have my mommy makeover on April 7, 2017. And while the wait will likely be the death of me, I am using the time to prepare, plan my recovery, and pay for

I will be traveling alone, and plan to stay at Dolls Recovery Getaway. Meriliene is so nice. I have read a lot of really good (and one bad) reviews about Dolls. All in all, I feel really comfortable with my decision. While my husband is a good man and very supportive, I do not want to be in his care for my first few days of recovery ;) He's just not that guy... lol

I have been an athlete since my debut in little league softball at age Played volleyball, basketball and softball in Junior High and High School. Played football (as QB) in 7th grade. My mom wouldn't let me play in 8th grade. That's when they were linking breast cancer to chest blows/trauma...funny. So, I went back to volleyball as my fall sport. Turned out to be a good decision, I played volleyball in college, and semi-pro softball in the summers. My first son was born 26 years ago via C-section. My doctor was old and gave me a vertical incision, with staples. Yes, staples! I have a pretty ugly scar that doesn't bother me much. It's the inside damage that bothers me. My once flat stomach hasn't been flat since. My second born (son) is 18. My OB at that time wanted me to try vaginal birth, but said if a cesarean was necessary he would clean up my scar. After 42 minutes of pushing, my 9 lb, 13 oz. baby boy was born. My youngest surprise (daughter) is 7 years old, born a preemie (6 weeks early), but also naturally.

I carry fat in my upper body - legs are tight, but that's about it. I have managed to accumulate fat at my bra line and around my midsection, despite my greatest efforts. I just cannot shake it in either spot. My stomach is the worst. Because of my scar, I'm starting to look as if i have one butt in front and another in back. Somewhere under all that fat is muscle waiting to surface! LOL

I am having a TT w muscle repair, lipo to flanks and upper back, and a BL w augmentation. When i pull my breasts up (from my knees) and into a bra, I'm a C. I, however, would like to be a full and perky C.

I have been gathering intel from the beauties on RS. I am so thankful for this site, and those who have shared their stories and journeys. Thanks so much!

So Excited!

Not much has changed, except time... The closer I get to April 7th, the more excited and less patient I become. I can hardly wait to have my procedure. Up to now I was preoccupied working on my second Master's Degree. I finished last week, and have more time on my hands than I've had in two years. So, I've been preparing and over-preparing for surgery. Counting the days...33!

One minor change in plans... my husband wants to be there for surgery. Up to now he's been supportive, but from a distance. The more I talk about surgery, and closer the day comes, he's concerned about not at least being in town for my surgery. So, he will be staying with me at the recovery house for two nights - the night before and night after surgery. I was a little miffed about the expense and his sudden change in plans, but if reversed, I would be there with him. What's funny is that I would have been a part of the equation from the start - his initial plans would have included me. He's a man... kinda typical of him. lol

I had a physical exam and all of my pre-op tests - blood work, urinalysis, EKG, etc. almost two weeks ago. My results were great - no surprises or disappointments. I've been cleared for surgery! I am now making my lists of things to pack and purchase - for the trip and when I get home. Also planning my daughter's birthday party on April 29th. I want to have everything paid and in process before surgery. And I just scheduled two June vacations - one with hubby and the other is a family vacation. I will be trying on my new body on vacation - I hope to be in a bikini, but will wear my usual tankini (with a flat belly) if necessary. Not sure what shape I will be in while on vacation, which is 8 weeks post-op. I've been going hard during workouts over the last few weeks to maximize my results. Have a workout plan for up to one day before surgery, which is when I fly to Fla.

Now that I'm one month out, I will attempt to share more. I have learned so much from others on this site. Feel like I need to return the favor ;)

30 days out...

I am in serious planning mode. I have been reviewing some of the best recoveries on RD, and taking copious notes. Since I will be traveling and staying at a recovery house for the first nine days, no recliner, walker or prosthetics for going pee pee ;) I do plan to purchase a back and leg wedge for my bed at home; will travel with my back massager and neck pillow.
I purchased button-front pjs, cami's to wear under my compression garment, and grandma underwear :)
Still much more to do, but I made a list and have at least started.
I took a few post workout pics for visuals of my current situation - a front butt that i can't seem to rid myself of, and breasts that look like tube socks with tennis balls in them.
I am just hoping to be comfortable in my skin again...tired of holding in my belly and wearing padded push up bras all the time. I'm sure many can relate!

Days 1 - 7

A week ago today I had my mommy makeover. Shortly after surgery I thought, "What have I done?" Lol
It has been a transformative 7 days.

Days one and two I stayed ahead of the pain by taking my pain meds every four hours. I also slept in a recliner both days. I forced myself to walk around often, but for short periods. I drank pineapple juice, Gatorade (very little) and about 2 gallons of water each of these first 7 days.

By day three I had more energy and less pain. Cut my pain meds to every 6-8 hours. Walking more, drinking lots of water, and eating small healthy meals.

Day 4, I started Motrin for pain. Took three that day. Standing straighter, feeling more energetic and walking a lot. Day 5 was about the same, except I took two Motrin.

Saw Dr Salama on day 6. He removed my drains!! Woohoo! Drainage was clear and less than 25ccs days 4, 5 and 6. He also put me in a CG with lipo foam. Up to that point, I was in nothing - not even a binder. In the pic is gauze over my drain holes.

I am very pleased with my results and recovery so far. I firmly believe my prep laid the foundation for a smooth and eventless recovery. It's only day 7, so we'll see ;) I learned so much from the lovely ladies on RS. I am eternally grateful for the wealth of information I've gained from this site! Staying at Dolls Recovery Gateway also helped tremendously. I received well-balanced, healthy meals, great care and advice.

I fly home tomorrow, and can hardly wait. I miss my husband (who flew home day after surgery) and kids so much.

It's day 7 and I see progress. I am so glad I did this for me!

Many Blessings Ladies!

Before photo

Three weeks ago today...

I was on Dr. Salama's operating table. I am so happy I made the decision to have a mommy makeover. I am so pleased with the results.
I haven't experienced any complications. I move around really well, feeling better each day. I've been walking slowly (2 -2.5mph) on my treadmill, starting at 0 incline and moving to 3% decline. I don't over do it, but work up a sweat. I also use 3lb dumbbells - curls, kick backs, mac raises, etc - while walking. It feels good to get in a little exercise.
My wounds are healing well, and for the first time in several years, my waist doesn't look like a barrel lol. I traded one scar for another and couldn't be happier.
Admittedly, I am sick to death of lipo foam! As of today, I'm done with it! Yippee!! Moving to my stage two garment TODAY! I purchased two to try.... Marena and Franato. Fingers and toes crossed!
Happy healing!
Mel Ortega

I have actually decided to book with Dr. Salama based on my initial experiences with the staff of both Doctors. Dr. Salama's office has been very professional, providing me with customized service from initial contact. Nancy is responsive and kind. She always makes me feel like a priority - as if I am her only patient.

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