40-years Old 120 Lb Weight Loss, 5 Children Later/Time for an Overhaul - Miami, FL

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I have lost a lot of weight and still want to lose...

I have lost a lot of weight and still want to lose around 20 lbs. I am 5'7 3/4 and 185 lbs. I look good at 165 and don't want to have more loose skin so this is my stop point. I am currently a 33 waist and 38 C but only because of the sags. I would be a B cup if they were lifted according to 2 consultations. Not sure how big I will go but would like to have my DD back. Nursing 5 children and losing all this weight really did a number on my body. First time I will have done something like this for me. I will be cared for by Karla and Maria at Assistance4life.com so I will give a review of them as well if you are looking for aftercare. I am SO nervous. Fly in about 6 hours and can't even sleep. Hoping this boost of confidence will push me to work harder and lose those last 20 lbs and get in the gym and get in shape.

Update 1

OMG! Pain upon pain upon pain. I didnt update last night because it is so bad. I am still miserable today. Honey, this is not for faint at heart. The result are good so far in tummy. Everything is still gazed and taped so I will know better tomorrow and post pics.

A little blurry but will post more later

Still very swollen so not even close to what the results will be. Already seeing improvement.

Worried that I have some asymmetry!

My right size is way bigger than the left. I am worried. Tried to tell doctor before he worked on me that I was smaller on one side than the other and he kind of brushed me off and said he did this a lot and not to worry. Well.....now I am worrying. Anyone experience this much a difference?

Still worried.

One boob is definitely bigger than the other. It looks at least one size if not two. There is some pain in it but my doctor just brushed me off until Tuesday. I am not real impressed with his aftercare. On the other hand, I think the tummy tuck looks great so far. I love the shape of the breasts....just not the asymmetry or fear of hematoma. Tummy is still quite swollen. The side where my boob is bigger is soooooo bruised it is gross.

post op day 5...wishful thinking or a little less asymmetrical? hmmmmmm.....

like a picasso....from standing back they aren't bad....but up close? What a mess.

Time for a shout out and update on the pain

First of all, I have Magda and Sandra as my RH nurses. They are the most beautiful people. Magda treats me as if I were her own daughter. She brings me snacks and drinks, tends to me like a baby. Sandra cooks some awesome food and as much as I am trying to lose weight.....I must say it is hard here! They are both very wonderful caretakers and have made my recovery wonderful. I like them so well, I would get another procedure just to stay with them. It has been good for my soul.

The pain. It is significantly better overall but I still have pain in this right breast. It is larger so I am worried. My stomach is very tight. It is absolutely gorgeous compared to before but it is still very tight and causes me to do the "little old lady" walk all hunched over. I went to the grocery store and I felt like a nerd walking like this. Then I started to count my blessings! I cant wait to go from neanderthal to upright. I cant wait to make love to my husband so I am counting down the weeks.

Dr. Freiman Visit :)

I saw Dr. Freiman yesterday. I will admit he was MUCH nicer today. Maybe he was just stressed the day I saw him. Anyway, this dude practiced at Albert Einstein hospital..."Clinica" or no clinica, he has top-notch credentials. I don't care who gets mad, I like my surgeons Jewish. I just have never gone wrong that way. Anyway....He was much nicer. I apologized for kvetching so much about it but I was freaking. Another member said she has same issue and has a lot of children like me and hers evened out perfectly in 6 months. The first question Dr. Freiman asked me with the cutest smirk was "So, do you think you are all healed today?" I said sheepishly, "No." He said that my one side was a much tighter pocket of skin and will take longer to drop and that he did take extra skin from other side off so he had no concerns. He said if a year from now they aren't better, I will fix them free of charge. So I am not concerned :) My Mother on the other hand is making me text her pictures of my belly button and boobs every freaking night. She is hilarious and drives me crazy but I love her so much. She is like "Listen to the Doctor, he is no schmuck with all that education." So I smile and say..."Yes, Mother."

bikini shot!

SpongeBob SquareBoobs. Yep...I am there.

Still have asymmetry but I am only 20 days out and the swelling is better. Now we wait for the drop and fluff. Very swollen around tummy for some reason (swell hell) but things are daily improving and then going haywire. Just in the emotional rollercoaster of recovery and waiting for final results and in the meantime having to deal with Frankenboobs.

Swell hell and square boobs. 20 days out :)

Be prepared for the emotional rollercoaster that is recovery. Waiting for final results is NOT easy. One day I am tiny in the tummy and then for days I am swollen and yuck. Boobs are still dropping and fluffing and in the meantime looking a little bizarre. Hard to be patient!

a little better everyday :)

Still some breast asymmetry due to skin laxity on right breast but it is getting better. Doctor agreed to fix for free if unhappy so not worried :) after massive weight loss, thin and lax skin can be unpredictable. I breast fed exclusively on right so it was larger preop and saggier. I am looking forward to cutting a little more off. My symmetry is still better than previously so even though I am still asymmetrical it is improved but not totally gone. Can't wait for thigh lift and revision and lipo!

getting better but asymmetrical

The asymmetry is improved buy the laxity of skin on left breast due to exclusive nursing on that side really shows. I will get correction from doctor where he should have removed a bit more skin. He has been awesome and promised to revise for free. So Dr. BLINSKI can quit hating on Dr. FREIMAN. his credentials are 20 times better and he does many more surgeries and your attitude is rude according to your own clients so quit posting on my ask a doctor to tear down a colleague competitor. Not professional!
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