26yr Old Mom of 3 in Need of a Do Over! - Miami, FL

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So I've been looking into this procedure for about...

So I've been looking into this procedure for about 4 months now. At first I was unsure of traveling out of town to have a major procedure done but once I looked up costs of plastic surgeons in my area i knew flying out was my only choice. I decided to go with Dr Mel Ortega in Miami, Fl because he does awesome work so I've seen also I was referred to him by a friend who had gotten a bbl performed by him. My pre baby body was not what I want it to look like once the procedure is done but it was better than what I look like now. I don't really have any wish pics as of yet I just want to be happy looking in the mirror at my body again. My husband and I have decided we are done having babies so why not bring my sexy back to enjoy life with him and regain my confidence.

Wish pic

I loveeee her boobs!

Decisions! Decisions!

Hello guys, so I've been thinking that maybe I should change my doc. I came across some of Dr. Fisher's work and he's just as good as Dr. Ortega and 1k cheaper. However I haven't saw any bad reviews from neither of them. I just want a short, low cut, and perky breast with my entire 1L of fat taken from me the correct way. If u guys have input please help!!

Before photos ????????

Soon enough!!

Hey guys, so I've been beating myself up thinking I can deal with the body I have n the fact that I NEED a mm is not gonna change. I think I'm more nervous than anything but I really invision myself having this procedure. First off I'm 26 I absolutely cannot deal with this for the rest of my life lol. I'm gonna get the courage to book between now n next month. I actually called my coordinator Emily to book about a month ago n chickened out. Don't laugh at me yall lol. I'll keep u guys updated n let u all kno when I book.

Hello everyone

So I'm gonna book for august tomorrow....yaayyyy I'm excited just the thought of being sexy again is EVERYTHING! I'm really nervous and won't believe it until it's done. I'm praying from now til my procedure and through recovery.

Breast lift it is!

I love this lift


Perfect Scar


So I booked for Sept 1st with Dr Ortega! I kno it's far out but it's for my job sake.... however I'm sooo excited.

Date Change.....

Hello gals, so I decided to bring my date a little closer than September, its now July 7th 2017. I'm so excited of whats to come cant wait to show you all the results.

124 days!

I decided to count down the days til my surgery I'm a thousand days from there lol

Recovery houses

Anyone know of a reasonable recovery house for 7 nights out in Miami with NURSING care if so please let me kno. Thanks

26 Year Old Mom of 3 #FutureOrtegadoll

Hello ladies and gents I made a new review so I can post my date... I'm counting down the days n my coins til my surgery. I'm so ready to get it over with. I was told by a different PS that need muscle and hernia repair which explains my outtie that pokes out in EVERYTHING! I am also getting a breast lift w/o implants, I want to only experience this once so implants are not for me. I chose Dr Ortega because he does beautiful work and he's board certified I don't think I could go with anyone else at this point.

4 months away!!!

Quick thought: I can't wait to wake up in the flat side!!


Hello ladies.... I will like to know what supplies should I get for my post op mommy makeover??? I want to start getting this stuff now. Thanks in advance

Think I'm gonna get a bbl too

Lately I've been trying to square out what my results will look like...I really wish dr Ortega was able to do a bbl with my mm, I hate to have to have 2 different procedures. I decided to upload a few pics of my disgusting body that I hate to look at n even dress. Can't wait til Dr O puts his gifted hands on me!!


I thought I added these photos days ago

A Lil Reassurance

Was having second thoughts til I saw this

Wish pic

I'm back to September

Such a bummer but I'm back at my original date.... My job says July is too soon to take a leave n I totally agree I'll let this summer be but next summer is mine!

Love! Love! Love!!


How soon is too soon to book my flight? I'm ready to book it now I'm just unsure if it's a good idea. Help me out ladies!

Random thought

I can't wait to meet Dr.Orteg!

Booked My Hotel....

So after receiving very high quotes from recovey houses I decided to have someone come with and stay at a hotel. I booked today! I'm so ready for this change... I'll be booking my flight next month :)


I am gaining so much courage from u ladies on here. Without u all I will not be going through with this.

Booked my flight!

Yes it's real! I almost passed out of fear when I got the confirmation lbs.... I'm 2 steps closer now!


Has anyone heard that a tummy tuck pulls and tightens the vagina? I saw someone say it on here and was kinda stuck on it.

Whole body cleanse

I believe I'm gonna to do a whole body cleanse before the procedure. I'm getting full anxiety and I want to be as healthy as possible.


Hi guys, I had to reschedule my procedure to Feb 2018 which gives me plenty time to mentally and physically prepare for this life changing procedure I'm planning. I did attach wish pics because I love the work that was done on her and the perfection of the doctors hands this is exactly how I want my results to look.

Wish pic

Miami Plastic Surgeon

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