Liposuction and Breast Reduction to Be Scheduled :) - Miami, FL

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Hi Everyone :) This website has been heaven to me...

Hi Everyone :) This website has been heaven to me and although I am not into blogs .. I wanted to help everyone like they've helped me ... I've gone to two different places , Bal Halbour surgery in Bal Halbour , Obviously lol :) and Soluna MD in Coral Gables,Fl ... I am going in for liposuction and a breast reduction .. I have struggled with my weight and breast size for as long as I can remember... In 2008 I opted for Smart Lipo although the results were amazing & Great , I fell back on the bad wagon ... Now , I am probably not the best candidate for Smart Lipo... Both locations are great .. Bal Halbour has only quoted me on the Breast Reduction , $6,500 ... and Soluna MD $12,000 , for the breast reduction and belly , flank , and back lipo .. I am so confused as to what I am going to end up doing.. I would appreciate everyone's help .. Thanks

Scheduled !!! After trying to cheat on Dr.Michael...

Scheduled !!! After trying to cheat on Dr.Michael Salzhauer , and going to two other consultations just to make sure .. I ultimately couldn't stay away .. The staff and the doctor are so amazing...Jasmine in the third floor is the sweetest and a great conversation starter lol and Monica is suuuupper sweet... the nurse too although I haven't gotten her name yet:( Dr.Salzhauer gave me the best price for my breast reduction and lipo on abdomen,flanks, upper and lower back :) I am so excited I am almost a month away
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