Well I Have No Kids I'm 28 & I Can't Wait to Be a Fisher Doll.. - Miami, FL

It's been since I can remember i wanted a nice...

It's been since I can remember i wanted a nice body...with a nice bootay..lol but It's been 4 years since I've been lurkin on real self to get this procedure done & I cannot wait.... I decided to go with dr. Fisher cuz I love his results and I see he is a master Sculptor...I planning to go in march or early april and I'm so excited????????????????...I have spoke with many coordinators who saw my pics but...I want to hear what dr fisher can do for me from his mouth before I hand over my hard earned money ..so I will be taking a trip to Miami for a personal consultation from him...well I'll keep u ladies updated cause I will need alot of help and support from yall...? Does anyone have moni number trying to contact her cause I think I'm gonna stay with her after sx...I spoke with her a minute ago and lost her number if anyone one has it I would greatly appreciate it ...xoxo
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