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Very happy with my results! I have always had a...

Very happy with my results! I have always had a very low self esteem about my buttock area, so this was a surgery I've always wanted to have done. At the time of my plastic surgery I was 22 yrs old weighing 109 lbs, height: 5'5. Body fat transfer was not an option since I had no fat and I've heard through others experience that it wasn't worth it since it goes away with time. If I was going to pay so much money, I wanted this to be done right! I searched for a few places in Miami and chose Dr. Careaga. Not only did he have great reviews, but it was the cheapest in town. Anyways, it wasn't an option for me to back down from this surgery I wanted to get done so badly, I had done ALL MY RESEARCH! That's one very important thing- DO YOUR RESEARCH. Know what to expect because my goodness is the aftermath painful :/

The day I got my surgery done it was under full anesthesia. After waking up from the anesthesia, I was so hungry and weak... I was literally pale. I woke up to see drains attached to my lower back (Ugh! That is sooooooo uncomfortable!) My sister went to buy me my meds and I took my hydrocodone (Vicodin) every 4-6 hrs as indicated by doctor. I also took antibiotics throughout the first 2 weeks of recovery to prevent infection. It's been almost 2 yrs since my surgery and I can't tell you how happy I am about my results, and how confident I feel about myself! It was very well worth it. Butt implants are not as common as you think, so if you don't find enough information about it, I can give you some useful information:

- There is NO sitting or lying on your back for 2-3 weeks. This is so uncomfortable !!!!! You have to go to the bathroom standing up (I had to use puppy pads and do all my necessities in the shower.... Impossible using the toilet) Going to sleep on your back was NOT an option and if you tried, it was soooo uncomfortable. I had to sleep on my belly or side.

-Prepare yourself to be stuck in your house for a long time since you cannot sit down in a car and just head out anywhere. I thought I was going to lose my mind, so let daytime shows become your best friend.

-After 3 weeks you can sit down but using a nice fluffy pillow.
***Very important: The first days you actually go back to sitting - prepare to be in extreme pain when standing. I don't know if this only happened to me but due to the weight of implants that I was obviously not use to having on my behind, when I would get up from sitting it felt like I was lifting something attached to my butt that was 100lbs. I almost cried at times and rather not sit, so I'd just stand around, lay down on my belly or side.

-Having the drainers attached to you the whole time on your back is by far one of the most uncomfortable things I also went through. I felt them moving around inside of me on my lower back and bothered the skin around the area it was in. (See pictures)

-(Listen to your plastic surgeon always) In this case for me I can suggest that depending on your job try to request 3 weeks off. If your job requires you to be constantly sitting and standing- take almost 4 weeks off. Luckily, my job at the time consisted of me standing the whole time which was fine, what wasn't fine was when something fell to the floor - do NOT pick anything up from the floor due to healing.
On the other hand I was also going to college, so I took my pillow with me to school to sit; not sleep! I had taken 2 weeks rest from school since it was break between Spring and Summer semester.

-Clean yourself and take care of yourself throughout the healing process. Since the area in which the surgery is performed is not so clean- it is prone to many bacterias. My doctor told me that 1/4 people who have this surgery gets their implant infected. That's a problem, then they'd have to remove the implant and you need to wait 6 months to place a new one in. So, I made sure I took a shower and used wipes after using the bathroom to prevent any infections (that had to be one of my biggest worries!)

-It's been almost 2 yrs since my plastic surgery, and the sides in which the implants end do hurt me at times if I press against it. It's normal- it's the edge around the implant. I'm expecting that with time to go away.

-Stretch marks! Considering that I was flat as a pancake, and skinny as can be... After my surgery I had so many stretch marks! This is totally normal due to the stretching of the skin but I looked like I was viscously attacked by a lion around my butt. Haha. I had to buy Palmers coco butter cream and apply it various times throughout the day. After MONTHS passed, they went away COMPLETELY.

-The scars: Buy Mederma gel! Speak to your doctor, but about after 2 months I believe, he told me it was okay to apply Mederma every night to the scar. The scar really wasn't bad since it's right before the butt crack and down. The scar that bothered me were from the two circles the drainers left me. That today, is completely gone: Thanks Mederma!

-*Go for a NATURAL look!*
Be very specific with your surgeon about the look you are going for.
In my case, I'm very skinny with chicken legs- that's the truth! A huge butt just wouldn't look right with MY body and would provoke the wrong attention, which I didn't want.
Make sure it goes with your body. I was going more for a perky bubble butt, rather than that Nicki Minaj butt.

- It doesn't feel 100% natural: Considering them being implants after all, something foreign in your body, it doesn't feel natural. It isn't rock hard either but it feels ...hard (only the area of the implant. Your cheek bottoms do feel natural because that part is already yours).
I very much knew this since before my surgery, and that was one of my other concerns. I was single and thought to myself at times (what if I meet a guy that doesn't like the way they feel? Or turns them off?)
Do it anyways! Look, you have to be very honest and upfront. If you feel it's going to become something serious with that person you tell them the truth.
If the person truly likes you for you- he will be with you no matter what. I reminded myself that this was something I was doing for MYSELF, to make ME happy. So, if they like it; great! If not; on to the next.
I will tell you this much- it's been almost 2 yrs since my butt implants and with all honesty-NO complaints from men.

Lastly, this is Miami! Welcome to the city where only 12% of women here are all natural with no plastic surgery (;

Well, sorry for the lengthy review but I just thought I'd share my experience of butt implants with you and hope this helps someone in someway. I love my results, the doctor gave me a very natural look (which is what I was going for), and after almost 2 yrs I wouldn't take this whole experience back, just because of the incredible results!

Today I am 24, with a career and enjoying myself. Overall, my life feels complete because I'm so happy with myself and my look.

4 years later...

Hey there! Here are some pictures 4 years after my surgery, and I really don't see much of a difference. Looks and feels the same to me (:

Years later...

Hey guys! Just wanted to update you all on my butt implants! There's still holding up (:
Only difference is my hair color and length! Haha. Let me know if you have any questions.
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