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Hey RS loves!!! So, as most start out, I have...

Hey RS loves!!!

So, as most start out, I have been stalking RS… the reviews, the pics, the selection for surgeons is CRAY!!! However, it is WELL WORTH the research… Anyhow, I have narrowed down my search to Dr Salama in MIA…. I've called his office, spoke with Cynthia, uploaded and sent my current photos and hope to be participating in a "virtual" consult in a few days…. Very very excited!!!… I had my breasts done in January and that by far was the best decision I have ever made, and NOW I want a booty to match my boobs!!!

I currently work at a surgery center in plastics, so we perform pretty much every procedure minus this one, and even if we did, I would still want Dr S to perform my procedure since he is clearly from "plastics heaven"….. I am 36 years young, no children, 5'1 and 115lbs…. I did have some fat transferred to my booty the same day as my breast aug, however, since I couldn't really gain the weight I only had about 200cc's per cheek and that amounts to nothing at the end of the day, so I'm going this route with the implants + the fat harvest and that should work wonders for me! So, Im prepared to schedule my sx honestly….It's just really a matter of speaking to Cynthia, and Dr S, and having my questions answered and I'm good to go….. I do understand that he is hella busy- as in nothing available on his books until early 2015!!!!! But you know what, I'll take that so I won't be so anxious to be half naked and show off my new curves!!!! LOL…. My boobs were a BEAST for me during my total recovery period, so I can only imagine what this is going to be like! But it will be well worth it!!!! Feel free to chime in ladies! If you have any questions for me, please ask because I'm dragging you ALL with me on this journey!!! :)))
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