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So I had butt implants in 2013 and got them...

So I had butt implants in 2013 and got them removed in 2014, another review I will write separately. I am here now trying to find a doctor that will fix the dents and deformity that's left behind. I am unhappy more so than ever with the way I look back there. I just really want to get it fix. I went for a consultation with Dr. Loessin. He was not too attentive. So I decided to try other doctors. Now I am here for a consultation with dr. Hassan. Which doctors do you ladies suggest for reconstructive surgery?

Which doctor to choose?

So, I am deciding which doctor is best for the procedure. Now, I know it won't be "back to normal" or perfect the first try but eventually I will have a more smoother, rounder buttock. Doctors I have in mind are: dr. shifin, dr. Hassan, dr. Loessin. I did want to check dr. Mandieta out but I haven't had the urge for him. What do you ladies think?

I've decided on a doctor

I decided to go with Dr. Hassan. I would greatly appreciate any feedback, suggestions or comments any one have on him or his procedures. My date is set for NoV. 8th 2016. Also, does anyone know if he also does Vaginoplasty? Anyone going that day and want to meet up?

Surgery date confirmed

Hi everyone, I've been off for a while but I have suddenly changed my surgery date. My surgery is in 2 days, yes! 2 days. Wish me luck! I need all the support I can get. I know how emotional this can be. Thanks :)


Okay. So I have been going back and forth between Dr. Hassan at Eres, and Dr. Luis Mejia in DR. Can anyone tell me the experience they've had with bbl and labiaplasty? Which is better for thin patients ?
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I scheduled a consultation with dr. Hassan through Vanity cosmetics, Miami FL. My appointment time given was 10:30, I showed up and the doctor "just went into surgery". Like what?! I took a plane to get here... I came on time... Now I have to wait 3 hours for him to finish survey before i'm seen. Krystal from Vanity was the one who scheduled my appointment. I highly upset. I've read a lot of negative reviews about this institute as well as the doctor, but I am going to stay and see how the consult goes. After all, I did buy a plane ticket to get here. So, now am waiting.

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