Tighten Up Time - Full Body Makeover - Round 2 BA+TT

Hey Divas! First I'd like to say that I was...

Hey Divas!

First I'd like to say that I was quoted 6800 for a BA with Sientra Implants and a TT. Therefore, when posting my review for this I just split costs in half. Just a heads up that your quote may be higher or lower as I have not checked my invoice details. Actually, having said that, I will ASAP since I may not even be getting a TT. I'd def need to know what my refund would be.

First off.. Thank you so much for following my journey. It is cold and lonely in these streets! LOL. I have a breast augmentation with lift scheduled with Doctor Fisher October 28, 2016. I am also possibly having a tummy tuck done this day. We have the TT scheduled but I would like to see how my skin responds to the aggressive lipo from the BBL he is performing on me July 28, 2016...so more to come on that.

I'm looking to achieve a full C small D cup. What's most important to me is that my results are natural. I can actually say that I like the work I've seen from Doctor Fisher in regards to breast implants. .Even the saline implants. I've paid a bit extra in case I decide to go with the new Sientra gummy bear implants that look really natural. I'm hoping for feedback here. Here come my pics!
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