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Hello! I am having an anchor lift with implants on...

Hello! I am having an anchor lift with implants on August 30 with The famous Dr. SalamA at Elite Plastic Surgery in Miami. My breasts are uneven and saggy so I'd like for them to be full and lifted. I will also be getting lipo of the abdomen and flanks. I would love to hear your thoughts on my upcoming procedure. What are the must haves? Supplements? Garments? Bras? Any thoughts on profile or implant size (I want large full fluffy boobs). Appreciate your comments. I am 45 5'4" and 139 lbs

My current situation

So here are some recent photos. I have lost about 8 lbs since I took these. The Dr prescribed me Topomax for migraines and one of the side effects is weight loss - no complaints here!

My girls need a good full lift and a nice sized implant. I'm thinking I want 400cc Hp gummies- any recommendations for or against?

The lipo is needed! I'm a skinny fat sized 6- would love for some muscle tone to come through.


I had my labs done today. They were all covered by Tricare in case anyone is checking for this in the future. My primary dr ordered an additional chest x-Ray as well as the standard EKG and other labs.
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